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Member since: Tue Jun 16, 2009, 03:09 PM
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Just heard that the poor widdle cowards tabled the vote until 7/9.

That will (hopefully) backfire and even more protesters will show up then.

That also gives us "Independence Day" to consider... I'd love to see a show of fuerza on that increasingly ironic holiday

See McCartney on Colbert last night doing "Mr. Kite?"

Still wanna talk shit about electronic music?

I didn't think so.


EDIT: They took the video down. Sorry My statement about pooh-poohers of tech still stands, however.

I heard Sandra Day O'Connor was feeling a little blue, so I did a song for her...


Sorry, Soundcloud player no-workee in DU.

Liberal bullying


Um... Bullies? Nah. No bullies on DU; You must be talking about somewhere else...

"B-but... if it weren't for my condescending, bullying shows-masquerading-as-actual-discussion, I'd never get to say anything..."
-- Way too many people on DU, doing the work of professional disruptors -- for free


So, if it's not advertisers or conservatives, what's the biggest challenge we deal with every day? The challenge that has my editors second-guessing every post and quaking in fear, just waiting for the awfulness to begin? It's attacks from our fellow progressives.

As a progressive myself, it's also complex and challenging because while I very much share the political values of the folks who engage in this kind of thing, I'm not on-board with the tactics which essentially amount to liberal bullying, and are way worse than anything we see from the conservatives who swing by. The sad truth is that when it comes to the motivations behind this kind of commenting, it's basically the same as the GOD HATES FAGS guys even though the values are the polar opposite.


Common call-out culture trends:
Focus on very public complaints. I can think of exactly one time when someone emailed their concern about problematic language. These complaints seem to be always intended for an audience.

Lack of interest in a dialogue. These complaints aren't questions or invitations to discuss the issue. They're harshly-worded accusations and scoldings (which I've written about before).

Lack of consideration for the context or intent. The focus is on this isolated incident (this one post, this one word, this one time), with de-emphasis on the author's background, experience, or the context of the website on which the post appears.

And on a more stylistic note, these complaints are often prefaced with phrases like "Um," and other condescending affectations.


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