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Member since: Tue Jun 16, 2009, 04:09 PM
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Thinking about building my next computer. Can you point me to good resources/help?

I'd love to build a laptop, but if I can put together a compact enough desktop that is easy to move around, then that's not out of the question.

I need top graphics, top audio and lots of high-speed ports for connecting audio hardware (lowest possible latency is the goal here -- and most pro audio gear plays badly with hubs).

I had a mac back in the snow leopard days, but I'm now using Win7. Any system I build will probably be a dual-boot Linux/Win7 -- I just don't like where Apple is going in their attempts to dictate everything; they've sort of become what Microsoft was like before Firefox kicked their ass and Vista shamed them into humility. Once Apple gets the ass-kickin' that's definitely coming to them, I might consider OSX again.

If anyone here can point me to useful resources/advice for building my own rig, I'd be much obliged.

P.S. I know my remarks about Apple are going to incur the ire of many. Let me say in advance "point taken." I'd like help building a computer, not a "less filling/tastes great" debate thread.

How FOX News resolves contradictions.

Bill O'Really is either on vacation or regenerating in that energy pod over at Rush Limbaugh's house that's powered by children's tears. Either way, one of the Hooters waitresses is hosting his show today. She just did a story about Jose Vargas, an illegal immigrant who managed to become so successful that FOX is willing to interview him.

On FOX, the Myth of the Bootstraps trumps tough immigration policy.

Up next (I'm not kidding), why comparing Republicans to bullies is a bad idea.
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