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Member since: Tue Jun 16, 2009, 04:09 PM
Number of posts: 2,149

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Most relevant R&R Hall-of-Who-Cares acceptance speech... OF ALL TIME!!!

Alex Lifeson gives the best awards acceptance speech in the history of awards acceptance speeches. This gem among typical awards-show faux-earnest drool comes after his colleagues make it effortlessly clear that the members of Rush care more about their fans and music than anyone else living in the limelight today.

If the Sex Pistols had been inducted last night -- had John Lydon given the speech Alex Lifeson gave, the editors at Rolling Stone would have devoted countless ASCII characters to deciphering its political and social implications.

But Lydon gave no speech at all back in 2006. Instead Rolling Stone head-cheese Jann Wenner himself read a prepared statement that was everything he has built a fortune for himself insisting bands like Rush are guilty of... contrived and pretentious.

On Thatcher: "A woman... not on MY terms" - Glenda Jackson rocks the house!

Hell. Yes!

Scott Brown is sitting in for Billo on the Factor...

So far he has begun several lines with "When I was a Senator..."

...and ending them with "The joke is on us..."

Happy Birthday, Mr. Clapton!

"Five Go Mad in Closeup" The outfreakage is almost as funny as the source.

Jim Carrey is such a "nobody" that The Famous Five spend a lot of time and energy getting their poopy-pants on.


Can anyone here help me get my California AA meeting through the 501(c)(3) application process?

It's a speaker meeting in San Clemente and I created a website last year to make the recordings available to everyone


In addition to the "audio" commitment, I am currently the meeting's treasurer and I have been authorized to apply for 501(c)(3) status. Doing this will allow us to get free hosting and a free PayPal account for the website. This will allow us to accept online donations.

I have reviewed all of AA Central's literature on the subject and it is up to individual meetings to get their own 501(c)(3).

I'm not a tax lawyer, but I am probably the only reliable person at the meeting with the attention span to do this; we are, after all, talking about non-billionaires living under Darrell Issa's gerrymandered roof. The "fuck it; it's too much trouble" atmosphere is so thick you can see it.

Anybody here have any experience with Superlative?

I'm on a website gig for a real estate broker and they have a Superlative site.

Superlative is totally locked down. There is no documentation. Any questions about how to use the software require direct interaction with someone on their staff (i.e. webinar, chat, email, phone)

Yuck. This thing is locked down tighter than M$ Office.

There must be better alternatives. Anyone? Bueller?

Hannity is live in Israel...

...attempting a pre-emptive strike on the President's upcoming trip.

I can hear it in the next room. He's going for broke.

Rubio: God gave me cottonmouth.

And yes, he has his own bottled water now.


EDIT: I'm curious. When the Token Latino farts, does he blame the god?

"Bad god! No!"

Sort-of gaming related question

I grabbed my landlady's 1-year old computer, which had been gathering cobwebs after she caught some sort of bug that slowed it down to an unusable pace.

I wiped everything off of it. I mean I nuked it. I booted from an external Linux disk and wrote zeros over the entire computer. Took about 5 hours.

Then I installed Ubuntu Linux and gave the computer to my 66-year-old history-buff roommate, who has never used a computer in his entire life. We're talking starting-from-the-absolute-beginning, intimidated-by-mice newbie.

I figure he'll get good enough on the thing to be able to supplement his reading (mostly historical fiction and non-fiction) with online info; it would be great if he got into that instead of watching Bill O'Reilly every day at 5. I can only hope.

I remembered that I pretty much learned how to use a computer by playing games, but solitaire and pinball isn't going to interest this guy.

Can anyone suggest some easy-to-learn, engaging games for Linux? I've looked at Freeciv and Battle for Wesnoth and I am installing both...

Any other suggestions?
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