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Member since: Tue Jun 16, 2009, 04:09 PM
Number of posts: 2,236

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LADIES!!! Care to caption my friend's picture?

Handy reverse cheat sheet ID's all "Solid Christian Conservatives" in CA election.

If you are confused about how to vote on some of the trickier stuff on the ballot in California (Like the South Coast Water District), I found this handy little reverse-cheat-sheet. Thank you Nancy Sandoval for putting together a convenient list of "Solid Christian Conservatives" for us to vote against.

Just look at her list and do the polar opposite of what she says. She has put a lot of time and effort into this and manages to identify even the sneaky stealth candidates.

Just be careful with her "NO" vote on Prop. 31. That may actually be a NO. It seems like everybody hates that one.


Got my mail-in ballot today...

National races are a no-brainer...

Issa will win; thanks to redistricting the suckers who elected him before don't get to vote against him now, but at least I get to vote for his opponent.

CA propositions are also pretty easy to figure out.

It's the local stuff that has me perplexed; there are three seats up for grabs in the South Coast Water District. I have been searching like a fiend trying to find anything tying any of the candidates to Monsanto (or Issa), but coming up dry.

Anyone in the OC got any dirt on this?

Purina's gonna steal my joke today, so here... (pic)

My friend alerted me about the "animal politics" ads Purina is running in advance of the debate, so here ya go...

When Aaron Sorkin uses a statistic in his script, does it then "become fiction?"

I got an eye-roll, a *sigh* and a "you should watch something else" from this guy after I cited a particular statistic that, as it turns out, was used in Jeff Daniels' famous meltdown-rant on The Newsroom.

If the guy were a FOXhead, I probably wouldn't have cared, but he isn't; he's worse. He is so disgusted by the state of our system that he doesn't even want to discuss politics; he's been depressed into submission and non-participation.

He got particularly agitated when I told him that, by doing nothing, he was helping the bad guys.

Has anyone researched the sources of the statistics used in The Newsroom rant? I don't have HBO, but I don't want any arguments I make to instantly lose credibility with people-who-have-lost-all-hope when my facts also happened to show up on that show.

Perhaps an even better question is: How do you talk about November with the "totally-defeated," "it's pointless" class of liberals?

Bad Jazz-Lip Reading

Is there an industry name for this?

I live in California, so this obviously differs from state to state.

Some friends of mine were talking about that block of time between 2am-6am (when you can't buy alcohol in CA) when most TV channels are either airing infomercials or those "lonely-guy" phone-sex/escort ads.

Is there actually a jargony-sorta name in the TV industry for this block of time -- like maybe "Suicide Watch" or "The Despair Block" or "The Void?"

SKYRIM: So I have this, um, friend... who is, like, a total geek-face...

...because being into or having knowledge of anything that isn't Mad Men or Breaking Bad makes one, like, a total geek-face, right?

Anyway, this friend officially became a contributor to the "articles" section of Skyrim Forums during the wee-small-hours of this morning. To do that, you have to submit an article. Then other geek-faces who mod the site read it and, if they like it, the submission becomes an "official article."

The mods agreed that my friend's idea for an article about Skyrim written from the POV of a character in Skyrim was a way-cool idea to try out as an "article" instead of "fan fiction," so the article went up this morning.

The initial response to it has been very good; if it takes off, it will become a series.

So... if any of you geek-faces want to take a look, here ya go: http://skyrimforums.org/threads/mehitabel-i-the-whumping-lesson.14931/


“M'aiq saw a mudcrab the other day. Horrible creatures. They've got all the money. Mudcrabs taking over everything. They already run Pelagiad.” – M'aiq The Liar


Whump. Whump. WhumpWhump.

Mehitabel has read many books, never a single one about mudcrabs. Perhaps the mudcrab, throughout history, has yet to accomplish enough to attract the attention of those who write books. This seems like the easiest answer in the world.

If all of this one's experiences were to be, through no small amount of effort, concentrated within an enchanted gem at death, hauled to a forgotten ruin on the other side of the world, placed within some apparatus of presumably Dwemer origin and projected onto a wall of the ruin – a ruin which had no doubt claimed the lives of many members of the expedition, each of them dying with a sad, unique story upon their tongues – the survivors, eager to claim what must certainly be the most sought after knowledge in recent history, would read upon the wall:

“The world loves easy answers.”



Greater Phoenix Tea Party bash w/ Sheriff Joe & Fat Goone cancelled due to lack of interest. Bwaha!

Here's their pathetic lil' announcement on their pathetic lil' ning page:

Ahhh. Just woke up to another "I don't usually post political stuff on Facebook, but..."

Political articles/pictures/opinion have made up about 90% of my activity on Facebook for a long time now. I don't get very many "likes" or "shares" or even comments; if not seeing instantly gratifying results were a deterrent, I would have gone back to "look what my baby/cat/dog did/said/ate" a long time ago...

...but I just kept doing it.

First there was the friend who PM'd me a year ago to tell me that she had moved her money out of BofA to a credit union thanks to me.

Then came the trickle of likes and shares from a tiny group of friends, which has slowly grown to a not-so tiny group.

Finally, in the last month or two, a week doesn't go by without at least one of my "I don't 'do' politics" friends prefacing a political post with "I don't usually post political stuff on Facebook, BUT..."

Yeah, I'm going to take at least partial credit for this.
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