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TomCADem's Journal
TomCADem's Journal
October 29, 2017

Vox: Ahead of possible Mueller indictments, Donald Trump is attacking Hillary Clinton

Trump and the rest of the Republicans are in full lie and spin mode ahead of the release of who is being idicted:


Trump is playing up two counter-scandals that have become favorites in the conservative media: an Obama-era uranium deal involving Russia, and the revelation that Clinton associates paid for a salacious dossier of opposition research on Trump during the 2016 campaign.

* * *
The notion that the Clinton campaign paying Steele is the same as Trump (allegedly) colluding with Russia is laughable.

The former involves paying an experienced private investigator — remember, Steele is a retired British agent — to conduct research. The latter involves working with a hostile foreign government to influence the outcome of a US election, and potentially aiding and abetting a crime (the hack and theft of Clinton campaign and DNC emails) in the process.

Most importantly, attacks on the provenance of the Steele dossier would only matter if it were the only real source of allegations about Trump and Russia. It’s not.
October 3, 2017

Vox - The medias carelessness is helping ISIS use Las Vegas to its advantage

While I generally agree with this article, I also think it ignores how the current White House has shown a willingness to adopt and spread stories in the social media that helps it push its agenda. You can imagine Kelley strongly insisting that there is no evidence to support early social media reports that the shooter was either a left-wing fan of Rachel Maddow or a member of ISIS even though Trump probably wanted to believe and forward along such reports on his twitter feed.

I bet that in the weeks to come, Trump will start circulating links to alt-right outlets that suggest that this was a left-wing conspiracy or that it was an attack by ISIS or North Korea, while disclaiming any independent knowledge as to whether such stories are correct. In other words, during the election, Trump was happy to pass along propaganda pushed by foreign governments, so why stop now?


Shortly after news of the Las Vegas shooting broke on Sunday evening, ISIS’s official Amaq News Agency claimed responsibility for the attack. In the subsequent hours, most experts have concluded that the claim was almost certainly bunk. The shooter, Stephen Paddock, so far has not been found to have any established links to ISIS, nor is there any evidence that he shared their worldview. The FBI has publicly stated that Paddock had no connection to international terrorism, a rare step at this early stage of the investigation.

Yet when I searched Google News at around 3 pm Monday, several of the top articles had headlines that clearly treated ISIS’s claim seriously. And these weren’t from fringe outlets; we’re talking Fox News and Newsweek.

* * *
Media coverage that promotes this line, despite the lack of evidence, helps ISIS’s strategy to succeed. Research online media show that people rarely read past the headlines and first few paragraphs. Stories like this one from Newsweek’s Jack Moore, which doesn’t raise doubts about the claim of responsibility in Las Vegas until the seventh paragraph, helps spread the terrorist group’s spurious claim.

It’s also incredibly hard to correct false information once it has spread into various media ecosystems, especially when that false information is politically convenient. For right-wing outlets especially, making Las Vegas about terrorism rather than gun violence puts them in much more comfortable ideological territory. Hence why some of the more unscrupulous ones, like Gateway Pundit and Infowars, are still amplifying ISIS’s claim of responsibility.

October 1, 2017

Schumer points to Kansas to criticize Trumps tax plan

Source: Politico

In a warning shot to Republicans crafting landmark tax legislation, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Sunday that Kansas’s experiment with tax cuts foreshadows what can happen if the GOP relies on “fake numbers” to support their effort.

Speaking on CBS’s "Face the Nation," Schumer rebutted assertions by the Trump administration that the president’s tax plan is not designed to cut taxes for rich Americans.

“It's completely focused on the wealthy and the powerful. Not on the middle class,” Schumer said.

He also attacked the Republicans’ assertion that the tax plan won’t add to the deficit. Kansas’s 2012 tax cuts led to a budget deficit that forced the state to cut funding for schools and infrastructure, Schumer said. Facing a major budget deficit, Kansas lawmakers in June approved legislation that rolled back many of Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/01/schumer-trump-tax-plan-kansas-243343

Exactly. Trump is trying to do to the U.S. what Sam Brownback did to Kansas.

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