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Moral Compass

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Member since: Thu Apr 30, 2009, 11:22 AM
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Kinda important dontcha think?

This fills in another piece of the picture of the Trump campaign meeting with the Russians about something.

Were they meeting about influencing (or outright hacking our vulnerable electronic voting computers) the then upcoming election? Were they discussing illegal campaign contributions? Were they talking about a quid pro quo on both the Ukraine and the sanctions?

These are just some of the questions.

While this is coming out (finally)...the rumors are swirling that Trump is considering firing Mueller (would that finally rise to obstruction of justice enough to satisfy Turley, Dershowitz, and other legal TV pundits?).

Another Saturday Night massacre (that most likely won't happen on Saturday).

Marx famously said that history repeats...first as tragedy...then as farce (a rough paraphrase at best). We saw the tragedy in 1973 in which we had real larger-than-life villains and heroes. Now the farce.

An evil idiot clown President with a strangely orange face and a bouffant hairdo, an elfin gibbering and capering attorney general already so obviously corrupt that he has had to remove himself from the drama (or did he really?), and a small deputy who has a reputation for probity and honor who has already failed the first large test.

We, the citizens (the ones paying attention), are now on the edge of our seats. We don't know how this cliff hanger is going to come out.

The sense that I'm again watching moments of pivotal history is like a smothering, heavy cloud that is with me even when I sleep.

This madness will not go on forever, but it will seem to. What we don't know is whether anything will remain of our system of government when it does end.
Posted by Moral Compass | Tue Jun 13, 2017, 10:35 AM (0 replies)

In North Korea territory now. Full CODE RED.

There is a common theme in all dictatorships (and most monarchies) regardless of ideology--incessant praise and adulation of the dictator. Sometimes this praise is demanded under threat of punishment. Many times it is volunteered.

In current times we see it in North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

For the first time in my life we've now seen it in the United States.

When a sitting President has what is advertised as a Cabinet meeting where each Cabinet level offiicial is called on and encouraged to sing the beaming strongman's praises we have entered into a new, previously unknown territory.

The first sign that this was coming was a very strange press release from Trump's press secretary Hope Hicks that talked about his "magnetic" personality and how he "exudes positive energy".' This sounded more like a press release from Kim Jong-il's press secretary than one from anyone born in this country.

Now the right wing is floating the idea of Trump firing Robert Mueller. Trump is moving to cement his power.

We are staring into the abyss. If he does make his move we will tumble into it.

We need the Republicans to decide. Are they patriots? Or will they help Trump finish off what little remains of our Republic?

How quickly history pivots and answers the question of whether it could happen here.
Posted by Moral Compass | Mon Jun 12, 2017, 03:57 PM (1 replies)

I disagree

I do not believe that Trump will be impeached. I'm certain of that.

Impeachment is a political not a criminal process. Even if it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump is guilty of it all including collusion and even treason his party will not impeach him. And they have the votes.

The Republicans will not allow articles of impeachment to come to the House floor.

I'm not even certain at this point if impeachment is it in our best interest… I'm certainly not convinced it is in the interest of the country.

There is no mechanism that is defined by the Constitution that allows for a wholesale replacement of an entire government. And that is what we need. If Trump goes then we get Pence. If Pence goes then we get Ryan. If Ryan goes I think it goes to Orrin Hatch.

How does that benefit anyone? Until we get to the 2018 elections there is no hope on the horizon. I'm not even sure if there is any hope in 2018.

I just saw some interviews on a Dallas television station. The Democrats interviewed,of course, think that this is utterly damning. The Trump voter that was interviewed saw nothing at all. He thinks his guy is doing great.

And that in a nutshell sums it all up.

Until there is a national consensus and it is bipartisan I don't think anything is going to happen.

As amazing as that seems.
Posted by Moral Compass | Thu Jun 8, 2017, 06:07 PM (2 replies)

Clarke is, along with being one of the vilest human beings

Is also a registered Democrat.

I think we should mount a campaign to have him expelled from the party.
Posted by Moral Compass | Thu Jun 8, 2017, 04:35 PM (0 replies)

Make normalization and rationalization an Olympic event

If normalization and rationalization were made Olympic events this guy could compete and win the gold medal.

He is a clear example of how Trump did not go out and find the best people to put in the senior cabinet positions. He's a non-entity. A nothing. I'm sure he gets little respect from the thousands of people that work for him that are professionals.

We are watching our experiment in democracy come to an embarrassing end. All democracies ultimately commit suicide. What I was not expecting was our end to be quite so soon and so utterly Kafkaesque.
Posted by Moral Compass | Mon May 29, 2017, 12:23 PM (0 replies)

Either he is being blackmailed or delivering on a quid pro quo deal

It seems blatantly obvious that Trump is either being blackmailed or is delivering the goods after Putin helped put him in office.

I have observed him throughout the entire campaign and now throughout his entire presidency and he has never once said anything even vaguely negative about Russia or Putin. He has pretty much trashed everybody else at one point or another.

Just think about Putin's priorities…

Making NATO an uneasy alliance would be number one if he is planning on a territory grab. There are plenty of indications that he is planning on doing exactly that.

He is looming over Ukraine. And there is a increasing evidence that he has designs on some of the other territories that abut Russia such as Latvia and Lithuania.

Putin also desperately needs us to drop the sanctions. The sanctions are impeding a lot of really lucrative oil and gas deals. Our secretary of state probably stands to profit if the Russian sanctions are lifted.

This is truly sickening. I never thought that I would see an American president so beholden to a foreign power. But I can't ignore the evidence that my eyes are seeing.

I'm very surprised that no one in the media has pointed out how Trump's NATO speech helps advance Putin's ambitions. I was very unsurprised to see this trial balloon go aloft the day after such a strange and discordant speech.

Remember the kompromat that the Russians supposedly possess.
Posted by Moral Compass | Fri May 26, 2017, 02:46 PM (0 replies)


This is what happens when you show yourself to be a complete clown and no one around the world has any respect for you.

Bet Kim Jong Un won't meet with him either.

The Dealmaker gets pawned again.

Let's see how Spicer spins this.
Posted by Moral Compass | Mon May 1, 2017, 09:07 PM (0 replies)

If this is true

If this is true… when is somebody going to do something about it?

I'm afraid Trump has put his finger on the fatal flaw in our Constitution. There's nothing in it about do overs, removal from office for anything other than incredible disability or via impeachment. When all branches of government are in the hands of a single party you no longer even have a functioning oligarchy. What you have is some strange version of a tyrranucsl Republic. We now resemble Kazakhstan more than we resemble what the founding fathers really had in mind. They intended our nation to be a highly functioning oligarchy where competing interests made sure that one party could not dominate the other. Because the Supreme Court was co-opted decades ago we now have a situation where the rules have been rewritten in the Republicans favor over and over and over again. It is hard to imagine anything happening based on what the FBI now knows happened.
Posted by Moral Compass | Fri Apr 21, 2017, 07:28 PM (0 replies)

Everybody is trying to solve the wrong problem

The problem everyone is trying to solve is the wrong problem. This applies to both left and right.

Everyone seems to think the problem is too few are covered by health insurance. Even the Republicans are trying to find some mechanism to make health insurance available to more people.

That is not the problem. The problem is health insurance itself.

If we continue to focus on health insurance we will never ever tackle access.
Posted by Moral Compass | Fri Apr 21, 2017, 11:39 AM (0 replies)

Majority rules

Republicans had a majority at the time that they stonewalled Merrick Garland. They assumed that they would retain the majority (which was a pretty good bet) so they would be able to prevent seating of the nominee.

Once Reid exercised the nuclear option it set a precedent for using it lagain. The filibuster has always been about keeping the majority from steam rolling the minority. But it's not something that can be found in the constitution and was really just a tradition. We now are living in an era where the majority can rule with an iron fist.

We've always been a democracy in name only. But right now I believe we are witnessing a complete death of the system. The party in power is rigging the game so fundamentally that it's going to be very very difficult to get power back from them.

While it horrifies me, I have to admit that the job that they have done gerrymandering all of the states that they controlled has been very impressive.

REDMAP ( The Republican gerrymandering project) has turned Texas into such a deep red state that I'm not sure even the massive demographic changes that are coming up are going to break us free. The Democrats in the state are almost completely neutered. The same has happened in North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois etc.

The problem is that they had a wonderful plan to seize power but they had no plan to govern. The Republicans don't have any ideas in terms of governance. All of their ideas are dedicated to the destruction of the current system.

As so many have pointed out, they are the party of "no". But add into this the fact that very few people in the US have any real understanding of their own government (whether state, local, federal) and you have a recipe for a tyrannical democratic system. System in which people have very little power at all.

This is going to be a very long and very hard fight. The Republicans, having turned the Supreme Court into a partisan body, know that they can do almost anything and give it a veneer of legality.
Posted by Moral Compass | Wed Apr 5, 2017, 05:13 PM (0 replies)
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