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The core organizers are fighting for secession

Not much chance of that happening. What do people expect the Beijing government to say? The core organizers are more inclined to violent acts such as destroying property, and injuring police. This is a continuation of prior demonstrations in 2014 and 2017.

The notion that is just about extradition legislation is western editing. There never was "democracy" in Hong Kong during 150 plus years of western colonial rule. I saw an estimate that about 16 percent of demonstrators sought secession or sovereignty. I've heard others say 20 percent. The larger group is more interested in democratic reforms, such as universal suffrage.

The monopoly capitalists who have always run Hong Kong, along with the foreign legations, and foreign business interests will just pack their bags and leave when the crackdown comes. They will have fomented it with their support for the movement, but when push comes to shove they will wash their hands of it. The inequities of wealth distribution, housing shortages and lack of economic opportunity in Hong Kong for ordinary citizens are the fundamental source of discontent. It is primarily a movement of dissatisfied young people.

DPRK Diplomat reportedly alive after South Korea said Kim Jong Un Killed Him- not the first time


Newsweek BY TOM O'CONNOR ON 7/16/19

...Kim Hyok Chol was appointed chief negotiator for Pyongyang's special envoy in the lead up to the second U.S.-North Korea summit February in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. Months after the dialogue fell through with no agreement, South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo cited unnamed North Korean sources in May saying that Kim Hyok Chol had been executed and others top officials purged in March on the orders of supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

...Some of these reports were rooted in reality, such as Kim Jong Un's decision to have his uncle, veteran political elite Jang Song Thaek, executed in December 2013. Still, even this story of North Korea's inner political and even personal struggles was stretched by many outlets to include that he was allegedly eaten by a pack of wild dogs—a rumor traced back to Singapore's Strait Times, then the Hong Kong-based Wen Wei Po and finally, a satirical blog on Chinese social media.

In a previous case of a North Korean officially apparently falsely being reported dead, the tables were turned on CNN and Chosun Ilbo. Kim Kyong Hui, Jang's wife and the sister of Kim Jong Un's late father, Kim Jong Il, was also said by a North Korean defector to have been executed by her nephew, according to a May 2015 CNN report. This contradicted earlier claims by South Korea's intelligence agency arguing she was still alive...

Other inaccurate reports concerning "purged" North Koreans discussed at link:

It was Chosun Ilbo that reported Kim Hyuk Chol had been executed in North Korea not official South Korean sources.

South Korean media, also citing anonymous diplomatic sources, reported Thursday that Kim Myong Gil former DPRK Ambassador to Vietnam would take on the role previously held by Kim Hyok Chol.


Chosun Ilbo and JoongAng Ilbo are in the news today in South Korea for writing misleading headlines intended to aggravate Japanese readers of translated news articles concerning the ongoing South Korean- Japanese trade war.
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