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Member since: Sun Feb 1, 2009, 08:59 PM
Number of posts: 332

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10,493 Signers and Two M.C.'s Can't Be Wrong: Save Mighty KPOJ

As of now:

Save KPOJ's Facebook Community: 4,160 likes.
Signatures at http://www.savekpoj.com/: 10,493.
Signatures at http://signon.org/sign/save-kpoj-lets-bring: 5,093.

Meanwhile likes at the Fox Sports Radio 620 FB page?

A paltry, mere, makes-me-wonder-why-they-bothered 330.

That's 330 as in one-more-than-329, and one-less-than-331

Share. Spread the word. Show Support. Save KPOJ.

Please rec this up. I never beg or ask for any of my opinions to be recced or kicked; a few have done so on my other posts, and I'm grateful for that. But we have an awesome force here, and we're only as strong as our weakest link, and right now, that's in Portland. Spread the word. Have everyone you know sign and help us be strong, and we'll be there for you when you need us.

Save KPOJ Campaign Launched (Vote This Up get everyone to Sign!)

Kari Chisholm, proprietor of the progressive website Blue Oregon, has begun a campaign to bring back progressive/liberal talk to the one city you should have no trouble finding it in Portland, Oregon.

The website SaveKPOJ is a link to sign a petition to show general support for the presence of a great liberal voice in Portland, There's also a Facebook community, where some truly exciting people-powered ideas are being discussed.

Clear Channel has already made its decision and dropped it on us when we weren't looking. A forlorn hope, this campaign? Maybe. But a slow, small start is better than no start at all. Great oaks come from tiny acorns.

So go to the website, sign the petition, like the Facebook community, and while you're at it, stop by Carl Wolfson's Facebook page and his twitter stream and like and friend and do all that thing there. Because it's the right thing to do; when our friends are down, we support them as best we can.

We do what we can do. If all we can do are small things, our small things together will add up to a great thing; returning liberal talk radio to Portland.

Please share this and get everyone you can to show support.
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