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Paul E Ester

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Member since: Tue Jan 13, 2009, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 952

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When I clicked this thread, I said to myself, \"I wonder who said the inevitable stupid thing.- You did not disappoint.\" - WilliamPitt Hmmm. Interesting…nt - SidDithers What the hell is going on here, anyway? -Hekate This is one of the most hilarious threads I have read on DU… - defacto7 \"That has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever read on DU.\" - AsahinaKimi

Journal Archives

Strange wave of self immolations in Europe.

Unrest in Bulgaria: New Casualty in Wave of Self-Immolations
A 40-year-old Bulgarian set himself on fire to protest poverty and corruption in his country on Friday, becoming the sixth self-immolation in the EU country in less than a month.

Self-Immolations in France: What Do They Mean?
After years of record-high unemployment, the country has seen at least a dozen men and women who have either set, or tried to set, themselves on fire since 2011.

Greece: Man In Debt Sets Himself On Fire

Two Spaniards Self-Immolate Due To Financial Problems
First it was a German, then an Italian, and now, two months, later, the European self-immolation wave has spread to the country that many expect will be the next one to follow Greece into effective debt default. El Pais reports that an impoverished 57-year-old man who set himself on fire in Málaga Thursday, and subsequently died of his injuries at Carlos Haya hospital.

Italians shocked by self-immolation protests
Italians have been left shocked by two cases of men setting themselves on fire in the past two days in protest at their financial hardship.

Apparently this started around 2010 and has continued since.

Biker dude catches bobcat

"A Southern Arizona Bobcat within the Great Sonoran Desert finds himself
CAUGHT in a Live-Trap intended for a Cottontail WABBIT ! ! Now WATCH, as
back into the WILD ! !"
Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=fb0_1364330368

some funny commentary and shots of an amazing cat.

"About" section for "my profile" shows escape character when using quotes.

\" shows up if you use a double quote.


Holocaust on a Conveyor Belt - Assembly Line of Death

warning - Contains scenes of modern factory farming and animal processing.

A powerful six minute clip from Samsara(2011 film) shows the journey from factory farm to fat belly.

HD Version https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=420901831314393

A Day in the Life of a Kiva Robot

Former Trooper Indicted in Roadside Cavity Search

The female Texas trooper who performed a roadside cavity search on two Irving women has been indicted by a Dallas County grand jury.

The two women from Irving are suing Trooper David Farrell, Trooper Kelley Helleson and the director of the Department of Public Safety for what they call an unconstitutional search without probable cause.

The Department of Public Safety terminated Trooper Kelly Helleson. Dallas County District Attorney spokeswoman Debbie Denmon confirmed on Monday that a grand jury indicted Helleson on two counts of sexual assault and two counts of official oppression.


Poll: Support for stricter gun control wanes

Soon after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., announced an assault weapons ban would not be part of a gun control bill, a new CBS News poll shows support for stricter gun control laws overall has dropped since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Currently, support for stricter gun control laws stands at 47 percent today, down from a high of 57 percent just after the shootings. Thirty-nine percent want those laws kept as they are, and another 11 percent want them made less strict.

Women (55 percent) are more likely than men (39 percent) to want stricter laws, as are those living in the Northeast. Only 44 percent in the Midwest and South want stricter laws; 47 percent in the West.


52 percent of Republicans want the laws kept as they are, while 66 percent of Democrats want stricter laws (down from 78 percent in February).

Libya to deposit $2 billion in Egypt’s central bank

Libya is completing an arrangement to deposit $2 billion in the Egyptian central bank, the Libyan ambassador to Cairo told Turkey’s Anatolia news agency on Sunday, in an apparent quid pro quo days after Egypt decided to extradite a cousin of Muammar Qaddafi.

The deposit, which is equivalent to an open loan, allows Egypt to temporarily boost its currency supply after its reserves fell below $15 billion from a previous amount of $36 billion before the revolution.

The announcement by Libya’s ambassador to Cairo Mohamed Fayez Jibril came after Egypt’s state prosecutor decided Sunday to eradicate former Libyan regime figures who fled to Cairo during the Libyan uprising. One of these figures is Ahmed Qadhaf al-Dam, the cousin of Muammar Qaddafi and former intelligence official.

He was arrested on March 19 in his home in Cairo’s upscale district of Zamalek after several hours of siege. The state prosecutor ordered him detained for one month pending investigations into unknown charges. The state MENA news agency reported that he would be handed over to the Libyan authorities.

Ali Maria, the former Libyan ambassador to Cairo and Mohammed Ibrahim, the brother of senior Qaddafi-era official Ahmed Ibrahim, were also arrested.


‘I want to die’: Free Syria Army chief cries out after losing his leg

The chief commander and founder of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) lost his leg after an alleged bomb that was planted in his car exploded in the early morning hours of Monday morning. The incident took place in the town of Miadeen, near the eastern city of Deir Ezzor.

A video showed Riad Al-Assaad being taken to hospital on a stretcher. The almost unconscious commander was crying out “I want to die.” Assaad was later transferred to Turkey for medical care, Al Arabiya reported. Turkey has long supported opposition fighters and was where the commander had his base when forming the FSA, to receive medical care.

FSA spokesman Louay Almokdad said in a video statement that Assaad survived the attack but lost his leg and is receiving medical treatment. In earlier statements to Al Arabiya, Almokdad accused the regime of President Bashar al-Assad of masterminding the assassination attempt, saying: “the atempt to kill Riad al-Assaad was to punish the eastern areas, such as al-Reqqa and Deir Ezzor, held by rebels.”



Happened the same day as the political head of the FSA quits.

Couple turns self in after pulling gun in road rage incident caught on tape

A man and a woman seen in cell phone video in a weekend road rage case in Carteret County have turned themselves in at the Lenoir County Courthouse.

WITN's Dan Yesenosky says shortly after 4:00 p.m. Bradley and Christy Turner walked into the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office in Kinston.

The La Grange couple are facing charges for yesterday afternoon's case of road rage, part of which was caught by a cell phone camera.

Turner, who first walked into the courthouse, is sporting a black left eye. His wife followed him inside.

Bradley Turner is charged with discharging a weapon into property, two counts of assault by pointing a gun, going armed to the terror of the people, injury to personal property, and assault.

His wife is charged with two counts of assault by pointing a gun.

Bradley got back into his Toyota SUV and drove off, but returned moments later and fired shots at the Chevy truck, deputies said. The shooting happened at about 1 p.m. Sunday. The people in the Chevy had left the vehicle and were not hurt, deputies said.

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2ae_1364236524&comments=1#r1rGYb0ojrcoyh1J.99

Bringing a gun to a fist fight gets them both charged.

Strange wording: for one charge "going armed to the terror of the people" I assume most places call that brandishing.
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