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Paul E Ester

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Member since: Tue Jan 13, 2009, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 952

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When I clicked this thread, I said to myself, \"I wonder who said the inevitable stupid thing.- You did not disappoint.\" - WilliamPitt Hmmm. Interesting…nt - SidDithers What the hell is going on here, anyway? -Hekate This is one of the most hilarious threads I have read on DU… - defacto7 \"That has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever read on DU.\" - AsahinaKimi

Journal Archives

Best UFO Sightings Of February 2013

There are links to the individual movies in the description on YT.

$4 million in marijuana found on Santa Barbara beach

Source: LA Times

Santa Barbara County officials discovered $4-million worth of marijuana next to a boat Sunday at Arroyo Camada Beach.

Officials said they found an estimated 2,000 pounds of marijuana wrapped in plastic bags on the beach.

Santa Barbara County sheriff's officials "located an apparently abandoned 30-foot “Panga” style boat with two outboard engines and 20+ fuel containers on board," the department said in a news release. "Sheriff’s detectives located a significant amount of evidence that was consistent with marijuana smuggling activities, including trash and debris that was strewn about the beach and nearby coastal access trails."

This is the second big pot discovery this month in Santa Barbara County.

Earlier this month, marijuana with an estimated value of at least $1 million was discovered Thursday near a boat that had crashed on a beach near Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Read more: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2013/03/4-million-in-marijuana-found-on-santa-barbara-beach.html

Sheriff’s detectives located a significant amount of evidence that was consistent with marijuana smuggling activities

- like 2000 lbs of weed and a boat.

India testing putting solar panels on top of canals, generate power and lower evaporation.

BMW Mechanic - Augmented Reality Glasses - repair manual of the future.

Interview NSA/CIA director Michael Hayden - Chavez death, drones, Pakistan, the crusades, cyberwar

Extend "My Subscriptions" to users?

Much like youtube subscriptions/twitter/g+, etc

Certain people post nice OP's but they do so in various forums. It would be nice to aggregate them in a stream.

Would need a block for stalkers...


Chicago woman was real-life stalker from 'The Natural'

The Chicago woman whose near-fatal 1949 shooting of former Cubs first baseman Eddie Waitkus inspired the book and movie "The Natural" died with the same anonymity with which she lived for more than half a century.

The 19-year-old's crime, which put a spotlight on stalking crimes, nearly killed Waitkus, 29, and temporarily sidetracked his career. The incident also helped to draw attention to "baseball Annies" — young, hero-worshipping groupies who would pursue major league ballplayers, often relentlessly.

However, from the time that Ruth Ann Steinhagen left Kankakee State Hospital in 1952 after undergoing nearly three years of psychiatric treatment, she disappeared into near obscurity — so much so that one of her final next-door neighbors said he lived there for more than 15 years before learning her history.

Steinhagen, who never spoke publicly about the Waitkus incident after her release from the hospital, spent much of her final 42 years living in a modest house on the Northwest Side with her parents and sister.

She died Dec. 29 at Swedish Covenant Hospital of a subdural hematoma caused by an accidental fall in her longtime home, a Cook County medical examiner spokeswoman said. She was 83.


Proof I guess that mentally ill criminals, even violent ones can be rehabilitated,

Footage from a SAA tank fighting the FSA. High def urban battle footage

What a city looks like in a sniper/tank war.

Motor City's Burning - Detroit from Motown to the Stooges

Detroits Burning

Sequestration to Privatization, First up the barbershop of the U.S. Senate.

Senate sergeant at arms Terry Gainer:

Gainer has tried to trim Senate Hair Care Services for the past few years. Now the political climate troubling everyone else on Capitol Hill is allowing him to move faster than he anticipated towards privatizing it completely.

“I’ve accelerated my goal to get there through leveraging sequestration,” Gainer explains. “The only real way we’re going to change this thing around without pricing ourselves out of the market is by reducing the number of fulltime employees.”

The sequestration’s required spending cuts provide convenient cover. Gainer is offering early retirement to all eligible employees, hoping to replace them with independent contractors. Four employees have already accepted the offer, and they plan to retire in the next 60 days. Gainer likens these “buyouts” to those that corporations often make. He has no timeline for complete privatization, but is determined to see it through.


The millionaire Senate serviced by benefit-less independent contractors. The nimble American economy marches on.

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