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Mosby's Journal
Mosby's Journal
July 13, 2023

Israel is targeted on Twitter more than any other country, study finds

In a troubling new study, it was found that "Israel was mentioned approximately 10 times more than any other country in tweets pertaining to human rights violations."

This disturbing trend reveals a deep-seated double standard against the country, perpetuating a disproportionate focus in social media discussions. According to the study, Israel is mentioned 12 times more than China on issues of violating human rights; 38 times more than Iran, 55 more times than Iran and 111 more times than North Korea.


The media Intifada has an enormous reach and is very effective with its demonization of Israel, Jews and Zionists. Twitter in particular works well spreading antisemitism because of the nature of the platform, light on facts, analysis and credible experts, but heavy on visuals and fabricated narratives. Just in the past few days there have been 10s of thousands of hatful tweets about Gal Gadot, simply because she showed up for a premier of "Barbie" the movie. After a recent stabbing attack, antisemites took video of the incident and chopped it up to make it appear that the IDF were abusing some random elderly Palestinian woman. The platform is perfect for these types of dishonest, bigoted attacks.

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