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Tweet from Gisele Fetterman



A World Without Men

Youngmi’s childhood was a difficult one. The 25-year-old nurse was born to a poor family in Daegu, South Korea, known for being one of the most conservative cities in the country. Youngmi’s mom left the home when Youngmi was young to escape her husband’s physical abuse, leaving her and her sister behind with him and their paternal grandmother. When she was 5, her 8-year-old sister started losing her hair from stress.

As she grew older, Youngmi found herself depressed, unsure of what her future held, and financially unstable. In Korea’s patriarchal society — in which women are generally expected to defer to their fathers and to adhere to rigid beauty standards — she felt like a perpetual victim, obsessed by the wrongs done to her by her father and pressured into maintaining her appearance in order to please men. Despite her meager budget as a nursing student, she purchased new clothes each season, spending a lot of money on cheap, poor-quality clothes from H&M. She wore makeup religiously. “I could not go outside without any makeup. I felt ashamed of my face,” she said. “I had this pressure of wanting to look beautiful and wanting to be desirable, physically or sexually.”

While scrolling through Twitter in 2018, Youngmi came across footage of protests taking place in the streets of Seoul. In South Korea, where cases of femicide, revenge porn, and dating violence are widespread, a surge in spy-cam sex crimes, overwhelmingly committed by men, had mostly resulted in fines and suspended jail sentences, if they were prosecuted at all. That was not the case, however, for one 25-year-old woman who had taken a nonconsensual photo of a nude male model at art school and posted it online; she was sentenced to ten months in prison and court-ordered sexual-violence counseling. The demonstrations were a reaction to the blatant hypocrisy.


It's notable that the authors don't buy the apartheid smear.

Proof that it's just an antisemitic lie.

Iran may be behind BDS 'hit list' targeting Boston Jews - report

The Islamic Republic of Iran may be the regime that created an anonymous "Mapping Project" website that serves to pinpoint locations of Jewish or Zionist communal spaces and organizations as well as law enforcement agencies in Massachusetts in an "attempt to expose and isolate" supporters of Israel.

The Mapping Project also includes "a disturbing and antisemitic call to 'dismantle' and 'disrupt' most of Boston's Jewish community and concludes with a thinly veiled threat that 'every entity has an address, every network can be disrupted," the ADL has stated.

According to a Zachor statement, “more than two-thirds of the 505 ‘targets’ featured on the website are not Jewish institutions, but rather US security institutions, including the exact locations of 271 police stations, 9 US military bases and installations, and offices of Homeland Security, the FBI, the Secret Service, and US government-linked weapons manufacturers, all of which are pinpointed on a single interactive map.”

The legal organization noted that the “outsized focus placed on the American security apparatus indicates that the map is not domestic in origin, but might be a product of a foreign agenda and that the chief suspect is the Islamic Republic of Iran.”


He hasn't really talked about depression.

He checked himself into a hospital, which is unusual, and is being treated by medical doctors for "clinical" depression.

He might not realize this, but not everyone sees depression as a medical issue solved with psychotropic drugs.

The neurotransmitter imbalance "theory" of depression never had any true support in the literature, and is now in the process of being abandoned for lack of evidence. Most people will never know this of course, and will continue to take mind altering drugs for depression and other mental illnesses.


Our comprehensive review of the major strands of research on serotonin shows there is no convincing evidence that depression is associated with, or caused by, lower serotonin concentrations or activity


They can't, he's a dictator.

Since 2013, Freedom House ranks Turkey as "Not Free".


The US, EU and NATO Should be isolating him politically, and promoting breaking up Turkey to create a Kurdish state. Can't even imagine why Blinken would meet with him.

Religious Apartheid in Israel


That's not true about the security council.

In fact the UN security council makes it clear in UNSCR 242 (1967) that the parties to the conflict need to work out territorial integrity, and ensure that Israel has safe and recognized boundaries "free from threats or acts of force".

The ICJ hasn't ruled on the legality of the occupation (and probably won't, unless they want to make fools of themselves), so your wrong there also.

The security and administrative arrangements between Israel and the PA in the West Bank is laid out in the Oslo Accords. The agreements were signed by elected representatives on both sides.

That's really rude what you did at Lowe's

You know employees, who have nothing to do with staffing at the registers, have to put back all the crap you left in your cart. They will do that instead of helping customers and maybe running a register. What you did was selfish and inconsiderate.

Five killed, five wounded in shooting attack in Jerusalem; terrorist shot

Source: Times of Israel

Five people have been shot and killed and another five wounded in a terror shooting attack in Jerusalem’s Neve Yaakov neighborhood, police and medics said Friday night.

The Magen David Adom ambulance service said its medics were treating ten victims. Five of them were declared dead at the scene.

Police said the suspected gunman had been shot.

Preliminary reports suggested the terror attack occurred in or near a synagogue.

Read more: https://www.timesofisrael.com/five-wounded-in-suspected-shooting-attack-in-jerusalem-assailant-shot/
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