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Member since: Sat Dec 6, 2008, 12:53 PM
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Martin Scorsese - The Art of Silence

How To Make A Hit Pop Song

who makes these videos?

I love this one:

Dude can sing.

The American Jihadist: Eric Harroun In His Own Words

Purin the Super Beagle

Spring in Salt River Wild Horse Country

Todayís photoessay comes from Becky Standridge, a professional photographer whose work focuses on the wild horses living in the Salt River Canyon outside of Phoenix. I met Becky at a book signing and she was kind enough to send a copy of her beautiful 12-month Salt River Wild Horses calendar. You can see more of Beckyís work on Facebook.

Spring is a favorite season, not only for what it symbolizes but also for what it actually brings. Symbolically, it heralds the renewal of life. It breaks the grip of winter, frees the spirit and fills the senses with hope for the coming season. Itís an incentive for fresh starts and new beginnings. Anticipation abounds.



Some of these pics are from the FB page:

The white horse is the lead stallion, Wisdom

My weekend house guests

Cocoa and little Cooper

Boy do they like to play!
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