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Member since: Sat Nov 8, 2008, 05:22 AM
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If you think we are demanding that George Zimmerman be shot on sight, you are misinterpreting

the message. By we, I mean those of us who, with varying degrees of passion, have called BS on the Zimmerman family story. Many others have decried the "rush to judgment" as some sort of demand for vigilante "justice" against Zimmerman.

We--even those few who may have made some statement to that effect in anger at the apparent failure of the authorities to responsibly conduct a thorough investigation--would not, if given the actual power to do so, convict and punish Zimmerman without a fair trial. One is inclined to wonder if the insistence that we would indicates a tendency of some of the Zimmerman supporters to do so under similar circumstances in which their loyalty would lie with the dead victim.

We are discussing what appears to be the ludicrous improbability of the Zimmerman story. We do realize that we do not have all of the evidence. We are not jurors. Our words have no power to convict the killer, even if he is guilty. However, we will not be satisfied that justice has been served until a fair trial has been carried out.

Any accusation of a more sinister motive is either inadvertent or purposeful hyperbole, or worse.
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