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Member since: Thu Nov 6, 2008, 09:11 AM
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Run while hunkering. Run around the couch and do 1.8 mi in 20 min, with less impact!

Been running around the couch for years. The Ďtrackí is about 9-10ft in diameter. Never liked the pounding of outside running and in my neighborhood the dogs could be a problem even if I wanted to.

If people are stuck inside it may be an option. Other objects or no object to run around can work too, maybe in the back yard or driveway.

Not sure about on carpet but on flat hard surfaces socks and Crocs work well for me. They can slip if thereís a build up so I keep the track clean with a quick microfiber mopping and wipe the soles with alcohol once in a while. I also roughed up the bottoms and something like shoe Goop or Lexel caulk might increase grip for dedicated running wear.

I just realized something about bringing a virus into the house. Suppose someone coughs just before I step in it. I take my shoes off at the door but put my thongs or slippers on to walk out and pee. Then I settle down on the couch and put my feet up on the chair and maybe I havenít taken off the slippers or thongs. I get up to get some water and put the laptop on the chair. I pick up the laptop and sit back down and then scratch my nose. And so on.

10ft dia x 3.14 = 31.4 feet per lap.

If you do a lap in 4 seconds thatís 31.4 x 15 = 471 ft/min. 20 min of running is about 9420 ft or about 1.8 miles or about 2.9 killometers.

Advantages over jogging outside include:

---the most significant advantage for me is reduced impact ó alway going around the corner, leaning in. At higher speeds itís like ice skating
---the inside/lower side compressing and outside/upper side of body stretching ó doing different things
---changing directions (eg every 5 min) alternates that
---run in rain, snow, cold, or heat
---run as much as you want, whenever you want, as long as a downstairs neighbor doesnít want to shoot you
---no need for expensive heavy equipment
---if you donít have to look down it may be good for the eyes to be focusing around the room as objects get closer and further away. Looking out a window is possible too
---run naked or in other various states of undress. No need for expensive spandex
---great way to start if youíre self-conscious
---watch a show you donít mind looking at intermittently. Run while listening to Rachel, for example
---no cars
---have online races with friends!
---the only cats and dogs chasing you are yours

I imagine there are other advantages.

Watch the toes!

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