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whenever and whatever the left protests at rw talk radio stations will be front page

or the 88+ universities that use their majority black athletes to attract advertisers to 260 of those KKK radio stations

the cons can ignore protests everywhere else because a few hundred ignorant liars on those radio stations yell over the protestors as long as it takes.

protests directed directly at the problem will freak the cons out. they'll howl "free speech!!", media will notice, and that will send advertisers to the hills. the cons will have to fund it directly and that will end the 'market demand' for lies and hate bullshit

the only unique advantage the fascists have now is talk radio and all americans have to do is stop ignoring it

boycotts of ANY advertiser on ANY rw radio station/show and protests at stations and the 88 universities will send advertisers running and will force the ad industry to ask advertisers if they really support trump and global warming denial. and when universities start looking for apolitical alternatives to broadcast sports on many of those stations will be forced to go to other programming.

this fascism has been blasting from 1500 radio stations for 30 years UNCHALLENGED by the left. as a protected unchalled 20-1 monopoly that dominates politiocal messaging in 40 states with 80- senators it operates outside the free speech spectrum. it won't survive if it's forced to compete.

artificial intelligence-enhanced transcription now makes it inevitable that talk radio will be digitized so it can finally be analyzed - it needs to happen NOW and the dem party and left orgs have no fucking excuse to continue the stupidity

for americans to despair over the rise of fascism while doing NOTHING about rw talk radio is very sad, especially going into this election and facing global warming acceleration - it's the biggest political mistake in history

THE WALL creates certainty for certainty-addicted sex-on-the-wrong-brain authoritarians

Trump advisor Sam Nunberg says “the wall” was a mnemonic device used to help Trump emphasize the immigration issue. As a ‘builder’, Trump could identify with a big solid simple wall.

‘The wall’ is also a device used to create certainty where there is none. It helps authoritarians deny reality and judge the world in absolutes. One side or the other. Bad brown hordes on that side and good white Amurcans on this side. Chaos on that side, order on this side.

A well known psych study identifies the need to avoid uncertainty as the main motivator common to conservatives, authoritarians, and fascists. They need certainty more than liberals. The stronger the need for certainty the easier harmless uncertainty turns into anxiety and fear.

That fear motivates authoritarians to impose and accept order, control, and conformity — to reduce uncertainty, unpredictability, diversity, and chaos. It motivates them to reduce life to simple absolutes and help them judge the world in black or white, good or evil, right or wrong, this side or that side.

The “wall” is a perfect example of the authoritarian power dynamic at work. ‘Leader’ Trump points with great certitude to the threat and chaos on the other side of the border — “they’re bad” — and offers his certainty addicted followers the simple certain fix they need to feel safe again. All the other elements in the discussion, like ladders, tunnels, surveillance technologies, alternative strategies for reducing migration, etc., represent stressful complicated uncertainties that must be avoided.

Why do authoritarians have this irrational need for certainty?

Humans evolved over hundreds of thousands of years surrounded by the never-ending infinite uncertainty of nature.

Sex on the wrong brain, or sowb for short, explains the irrational need for certainty as a mental disorder that developed as a bi-product of civilization, when we began delaying the age of reproduction.

Sex on the wrong brain happens when impatient satisfaction-demanding reproductive urges are diverted to/associated with brain functions that require patience and objectivity.

Sowb is easier to explain if brain functions are simplified to the left or right side.

While most brain functions involve both sides of the brain there are trends in lateralization. Language, for instance, is mostly a left side function. There are exceptions but for centuries the left side of the brain has been associated with functions like logic and mathematics, for instance, and the right side with emotion, creativity, and orgasm.

Authoritarians like Trump are diverting and trapping powerful impatient reproductive ‘energy’ on the wrong side of the brain, where it interferes with logic and problem solving and demands premature conclusion, finality, and certainty.

But nothing is final or certain — that is a fantasy. At first logic resists but the stress and fear builds until it’s unbearable. Logic finally opens the gate to the creative right side of the brain to help it deny reality and rationalize the irrational. That’s when some of those reproductive impulses are finally released to seek pleasure on the right side, where they were supposed to go in the first place.

So there is a reward for being a liar and idiot. That is the satisfaction of certainty.

Unfortunately, without the sex education that authoritarians resist, most humans will learn sex with the right hand. The right hand is connected to and controlled by the left side of the brain, burning in neural connections that can last a lifetime.

Thats’ why this jackoff shut down the government.

Other symptoms of sex on the wrong brain include ignorance, greed, fascism, misogyny, racism, sexual dysfunction….

90% of humans are right handed. In most modern human societies sowb has been normalized and its symptoms often dismissed as “human nature”.

Most modern humans have sowb but within the wide spectrum of human genetic and experiential diversity some people and populations are more susceptible to it than others. Some of its symptoms, such as greed or increased suspicion of strangers, could provide short term competitive advantage and survival value that may have selected for sowb-susceptible gene pools.

In authoritarian societies sowb is rewarded. By design or default sexual repression increases sowb levels, prevents its diagnosis, and hides the simple preventive action.

Those who are good at denying reality and rationalizing the irrational and can help others discover the pleasure of certainty in the face of overwhelming uncertainty may become leaders.

Symptoms may be reduced if there is a healthy regular use of creativity and emotion and ongoing cooperation between the two sides of the brain. While most liberals also have some sowb too, those reproductive impulses may be more likely to wander through the left side and find their way over to the right side to fuel emotion, creativity to woo a mate, sex, orgasm, and reproduction.

Adapted from Sex On the Wrong Brain Ard Falten 2016

Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition John T. Jost John T. Jost, Arie W. Kruglanski, Jack Glaser, Frank J. Sulloway 2003
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