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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2008, 08:50 PM
Number of posts: 3,379

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They were me - many years ago.

They were me - many years ago.
We followed orders.

Excerpts from Melania's diary

cover of Time

Dear Donald,

Dear Donald,

Pox upon you and your unfortunate, entitled spineless, clueless offspring and all of your legacies.

Some of your wives know your true nature but fearfully refrain from engaging you publicly.

Your current wife occasionally squeeks at your horrors but remains caged by you like an immigrant child.

Eventually most of your "BASE" will dwindle down to a smallish cult of "true believers" who, like you, do not read or comprehend the truths of history, and you, such as the dodo, shall become extinct, reality tv has-beens and an exhibit in a future roadside PT BARNUM museum exiibit - in a house of unfortunate horrors.

Trump Saluting North Korean General

Trump-Kim Jong Un hair swap

latest facebook commercial - shit happened to us but you were not our fault - really

Wells Fargo Commercial - Earning Back Your Trust - Just Don't Expect a Fuckin' Apology.

Oh Yeah!

Giuliani Slings His Stuff

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