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exboyfil's Journal
exboyfil's Journal
August 31, 2023

Thunderfoot on how sequestration of CO2 is a non-starter

We are so screwed. As he said our grandparents, parents, and us have had a century of cheap energy that our descendants out multiple generations will have to pay for.
August 31, 2023

Police: South Carolina homeowner who fatally shot CT college student will not be charged

A horrible tragedy, but apparently he had already broken a window in the door and was attempting to open the door by accessing the door handle.


While a female resident of the home was on the phone with an emergency dispatcher, police said the man retrieved a firearm from inside the home. He fired a single shot when Donofrio broke a window embedded in the front door and reached through for the doorknob, striking Donofrio in the upper body, police said.

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