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exboyfil's Journal
exboyfil's Journal
August 19, 2021

Lawsuit claims Idaho Springs police staged crime after assault of elderly man


IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. — The 75-year-old man who was allegedly assaulted by an officer with the Idaho Springs Police Department (ISPD) filed a lawsuit against officers and the department Monday morning. He claimed that police tased him, dragged his unconscious body out of his apartment, and took a sword from a high shelf in his unit and dropped it in the hallway.

In the federal lawsuit, Michael Clark claimed violations of his civil rights under federal and Colorado constitutions by two officers — Nicholas Hanning and Ellie Summers — and their supervising officer, Cpl. Richard Sonnenberg. Clark also sued the police department, claiming they failed to train and supervise the officers, and that they have unconstitutional practices and policies.

Sarah Schielke, Clark's attorney, said body camera footage captured the officers committing assault, burglary and kidnapping when they responded to Clark's Idaho Springs apartment in May 2021 after receiving a complaint that a man had punched a woman in the face. According to an affidavit, Idaho Springs police did not announce themselves when they knocked on Clark's door, did not warn him before using a Taser, and when they accused Clark of punching his neighbor, he claimed it was "absolutely false."

The affidavit was released a day after the attorney and Clark's family claimed in a press release that Hanning "tased, kicked, tackled, punched and choked" the unarmed and unclothed man in his apartment.

A completely off the rails police force. Their Cpl. reviewed the body cams and agreed to charge the old man with felony menacing for opening a door with a weapon in his hand at night without the cops even identifying themselves. He immediately complied with putting up the weapon (a swordfish bill), and was trying to explain his side of the story when he was Tased. They then dragged him out, rolled him onto his stomach with the barbs still in, put a knee to his neck, and planted the swordfish bill next to him.

The only thing holding a settlement down for actual damages is his age. This has basically ruined his life. The punitive damages - well the sky is the limit. The kicker - he is an active Mason. I wonder what his brothers think about his treatment. Also a jewel - the original complainant is a meth head with a record of lying to the police and other crimes and there was no evidence of being punched in the fashion she said. She later claimed he had a gun, and the cop tried to feed her the swordbill as the actual weapon.

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