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exboyfil's Journal
exboyfil's Journal
September 25, 2016

DOJ request for ADA compliance for MOOC Berkeley courses

The University of California, Berkeley, has announced that it may eliminate free online content rather than comply with a U.S. Justice Department order that it make the content accessible to those with disabilities.
The content in question is all free and is for the general public to use. "The department’s findings do not implicate the accessibility of educational opportunities provided to our enrolled students," said a statement on the situation by Cathy Koshland, vice chancellor for undergraduate education.
While the university has not made a final decision, she said, it may not be able to afford complying with the Justice Department's recommendations on how to make the online material accessible.

I really enjoy these courses. A number of other universities are also offering such courses. I would hate to see them go away.

I was wondering what are the thoughts of those on this board.


September 7, 2016

Move the federal government out of Washington


"In one bold move, it would bring the federal government closer to the people, reduce the threat a major act of terrorism would pose to our nation's capital, and create new jobs and new infrastructure throughout the country. But, perhaps most importantly, it would renew faith that our government exists not to serve the wealthy or the connected, but all the people.
No, not the White House nor the Congress, but the rest of the federal government, namely the Cabinet departments and large agencies that have grown up around the Beltway, should move and disperse. There is really no compelling reason that federal agencies and departments remain in Washington, D.C., and many good reasons why they should be relocated across the United States over time."

The key is over time.

This is actually a great idea, and I have been thinking along the same lines. Unlike his recommendation I would consider areas of economic depression for the location that also fits the role. Des Moines is doing well, and does not need the Dept of Agriculture, but perhaps Memphis? Dept of Transportation to Detroit? Department of Energy to Houston? What I don't like is wasting existing infrastructure.

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