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Suggestions for high school musician

My daughter will be a 11th grader in band and orchestra next year. She has been frustrated by her progress this year in playing the clarinet and violin. She wants to stay with both instruments even though we are not a family with a history of music. Neither my wife nor I have ever played an instrument or sang in a choir. I will not force her to go down to one instrument. Because of health concerns this year I have tried to limit her academics next year as well (only two-three academic courses besides the two music classes). She will have a significant amount of time to invest in music.

We have some contact hours for lessons with professional musicians as well as her lessons with her instructors, but I would like to help her know she is doing well when practicing at home. Does anyone have any suggestions on software or other aids that might assist her in this?

VEISHEA events except Spring Football game cancelled


VEISHEA is an annual celebration that includes a bunch of wholesome activities like a magician, a comedian, a musical, several music performances, a Idol talent knock off, pie eating, charity run etc. Apparently all of these things are cancelled because of the riot, but the one thing not cancelled is the one thing probably attended by a good chunk of the rioters - the Spring football game. One football player is even photographed during the riot carrying a stop sign.

Tell me college sports don't dominate academics.

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