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exboyfil's Journal
exboyfil's Journal
August 21, 2013

In bus beating case, we are sending kids the wrong message

"You know, y'all going to jail,'' the bus driver says. "Y'all going to jail.''

Looks as if the driver may have been mistaken.

Authorities have recommended that two of the 15-year-olds be given nine months of probation for the attack that took place in Gulfport but circled the nation via video.

First the administration does not take the younger boy's complaints about being approached to buy pot seriously. Then they allow him to ride home on a bus with those he accused. A school employee (the bus driver) takes no physical action to protect the boy from a brutal assault that continued even when the boy tried to hide under the seat (I will give him a break no 64 year old man could stop the assailants without getting injured himself).

Now finally the justice system does not try to incarcerate the assailants. Some many great messages coming out of this community.


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