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MineralMan's Journal
MineralMan's Journal
November 3, 2019

If someone tells you that election turnout doesn't matter,

there are three possible reasons that someone would tell people that:

1. That person doesn't understand how our elections work.
2. That person has lost hope in the system we use to elect people.
3. That person is trying to depress you in hopes you won't vote.

Personally, I don't pay any attention to anyone telling me that turnout doesn't matter. I know that it does. Hillary Clinton lost in the electoral college in the 2016 election over less than 100,000 votes total in three states. More votes than that were cast for third party candidates in those three states. Turnout was down, as well.

Don't pay any attention to anyone telling you that turnout doesn't matter. That's just bullshit. Instead, take two people who wouldn't otherwise vote to the polling place with you. If everyone did that, we'd win in a landslide that couldn't be ignored. Truly.

To hell with ignorance, pessimism, and voter discouragement! Just say no to all three!


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I am 77 years old (2022), married, have no children (by choice), and am very active in Democratic politics and have been since 1965. I am an atheist, and currently am finally retired. I was self-employed since 1974 as a writer, software designer and programmer, and was a seller of mineral specimens to collectors for several years. You can learn more about me from my posts on DU.

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