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MineralMan's Journal
MineralMan's Journal
May 14, 2012

To which my answer would be no.

No, about Mormons.
No, about LGBT people.
No, about Catholic priests.
No, about Boy Scout leaders.
No, about teachers.
No, about coaches.
No, about any group you'd name, except for members of NAMBLA.

I do not assume that members of any of those groups, or any other group of people, are pedophiles. That's an individual characteristic that is not dependent on any such thing. It's possible for a member of any of those groups to be a pedophile, but there is no assumption that any member is a pedophile.

Research shows that the incidence of pedophilia is pretty much uniform among all groups. I didn't used to know that. Now, I do. When I learn, my opinion changes, based on that knowledge of factual information. I didn't used to know lots of things. Everything I know, I've learned at some point in my life. I wasn't born with much knowledge at all, except how to get food from a nipple. I'm still learning new things. I expect to learn new things until the day I die.

I understood the question in that thread, but it was not topical to the thread. I understand your question, and that's my answer to it.

May 6, 2012

I apologize abjectly.

I did write that, although not in those exact words. I was very wrong to do so, and it is not true. What I wrote was based on incorrect information. I no longer believe that in any way. After writing that, a number of years ago, I learned the actual facts of the matter. I learned that there is no connection between orientation and the likelihood that someone is likely to desire sex with underaged people.

Knowing that, I'm ashamed that I once thought otherwise, and wrote what I wrote. Since the time I wrote that, I've gotten a thorough education on the subject, thanks to some very kind LGBT people I've met. I was wrong. I am very sorry that I ever said such a thing. Since I learned the truth, I have come a long way in my understanding of LGBT issues. I'm in full support of erasing any prejudices against LGBT people. I'm actively working for marriage equality in Minnesota, where a constitutional amendment is going to come up for a vote in November. I've posted a call to other DFLers to work against this amendment on the web site of the DFL precinct where I am the chair. A link to that call is in my signature line.

I cannot delete the post on Free Republic. I was banned there in 2006 as an anti-freeper. If I could delete it, I would. I kept the same screen name I used there, knowing that people would find the things I wrote there. I'm not anonymous, and my real identity can be found at the links in my signature line.

I won't ask for forgiveness for what I wrote. I will say that I would never say anything of that nature again. I was misinformed. I am not misinformed any longer. I am sorry that I wrote that and know that it was hurtful and damaging.

I normally do not post in this group. I still won't, because I know that many here don't want to see my face, and I understand that. I'd probably feel the same way. I will never say anything of the sort again, because I don't believe anything of the sort.

I apologize. I deeply regret my ignorance and my words that were based on that ignorance. I was woefully mistaken, and regret that very much.

You can count on my wholehearted support for LGBT rights issues, for marriage equality, and you can count on me not to say such things now or in the future.

I ask for your understanding, if not your forgiveness. I can't ask for that forgiveness. I can only try to demonstrate my good faith now and in the future.

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I am 77 years old (2022), married, have no children (by choice), and am very active in Democratic politics and have been since 1965. I am an atheist, and currently am finally retired. I was self-employed since 1974 as a writer, software designer and programmer, and was a seller of mineral specimens to collectors for several years. You can learn more about me from my posts on DU.

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