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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Home country: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Ontario
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 04:34 PM
Number of posts: 2,851

Journal Archives

Some More News: Capitalism vs. Coronavirus


Fried Potato Croquettes Recipe

Another simple one this week! this one goes back to the mashed potatoes we did last week, and we made them into croquettes! They're basically mashed potato dumplings with some flavouring and then shallow fried. We went a bit of a "baked potato" vibe with these, giving them green onion/chive flavouring. The insides came out very fluffy and the outsides nice and crispy, and they were very tender. The trick is to make sure your oil isn't too hot that the outside gets too dark before the insides are all-the-way cooked, or you get the flavour of raw flour.

You can spice these up however you like. We ended up making a little dipping sauce for them out of mayo and our homemade ghost pepper hot sauce which was super delcious and went very well. They will also go with a spicy ketchup or even a katsu-sauce sort of thing.

Alt-Right Playbook: I Hate Mondays

Homemade basic mashed potatoes recipe

Pretty simple and basic one this week. We're just making mashed potatoes! Not much to say about this, everyone's got a recipe for mashed potatoes and they're pretty hard to mess up. We wanted to do these as a prelude to next week's video, which will be potato croquettes!

Diner-style onion rings recipe

This week we did a pretty simple and basic onion rings recipe! These turned out delicious and they're very simple if you don't mind the mess of deep frying things. We cut them pretty thin, because we like how they come out that way. Crispy and cooked all the way through quickly.

These go best with something like a spicy mayo or a tangy dipping sauce like you might make for katsu or tempura. You can use fancier onions, too, but we just made this with a pretty standard storage onion and it came out fantastic.

Chicken Liver Pate Recipe

This is sort of astripped down version of this recipe. Very simple, but delicious, smooth, and rich. It's a great party food, but please don't leave it out for hours. Not much to say this week, I'm working from home, in home isolation, and not feeling all that great about it all...

Twice-fried French Fries Recipe

Sort of a back-to-basics video this week. Really simple and delicious twice-fried french fries! We opted to go for some slightly chunky fries, cutting them a little thicker than usual. The trick is to cook them through at a lower temperature first, then let them sit and rest for a while before putting them back in at a much higher temperature to crisp them up on the outside. This makes for fries that are crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. You can even let them rest in the fridge overnight before putting them in for their second frying.

Also: Sorry that our new candy/deep fry thermometer is far too shiny to read.

The easiest cheater flan recipe

This is basically a caker recipe for making creme caramel. This flan is super easy, delicious, and a complete cheat! We've had to make a couple of adjustments to this recipe. Typically the syrup that you would use for this is Karo dark syrup, but we can't really get that in Canada, so we had a not-quite-as-dark syrup. You can also make your own caramel for this, but we resorted to the syrup after ours seized in the pot twice, crystallizing solid.

This is a recipe you see in Mexico and Mexican communities a lot, and the lime juice spritz at the end really adds a lot to the flavour. The texture of this flan is a little springier and denser than the more "refined" French-style creme caramel, but it is really delicious and much less finicky.

Tom Kha Soup Recipe

This week we decided to do a lovely Thai soup for our recipe! It's a really simple and fragrant soup full of lemongrass, galangal, and hot peppers. It's also super simple, and the real trick is to add one thing, let it come up to the simmer, and then before it boils, add the next thing. Repeat until everything's been added, and never let it get to the boil and you'll have great flavour extraction for all of the ingredients (also, boiling really wreaks havoc with coconut milk).

We didn't really include it in the video, but we added shrimp to ours, but it is also traditional to use chicken. Also, if you use vegetable or mushroom broth, you can make this vegetarian. Also also, if you can't get a hold of shimeji mushrooms, then oyster mushrooms are very traditional for this kind of soup, and just plain sliced button or crimini mushrooms are delicious in it as well.

Luxury Bacon-Wrapped Shishito Pepper Poppers Recipe - with Crab and Truffle

So, I admit we went a little overboard on this recipe. We wanted to go all-out and make a luxury gourmet version of the poppers we did last week, so we got some amazing mascarpone cheese, crab meat, some beautiful cured coppacola, Shishito peppers, and some summer truffles. We realize that these are not really ingredients that are going to be widely available to everyone, but we basically wanted to show how versatile a recipe can be. Just by switching out a few of the ingredients from the previous recipe, you get something that's significantly different (and much much fancier).

We made -far- too much of the filling, and we used the rest of it as a dip for the same party that we served the poppers at. It was delicious both ways. Obviously we splurged and spent a lot on ingredients here, but sometimes you just want to be super fancy!

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