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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Switzerland
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 03:01 PM
Number of posts: 14,787

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Hmmm ...

Chesapeake Energy's Ken Lay perhaps?

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton proceeds with caution on Super Tuesday


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is proceeding with caution on Super Tuesday, declining to make any bold predictions about how she'll perform across the 13 states and one territory that vote Tuesday.

"I don't know," Clinton told reporters who asked her about where she expected to win Tuesday during a campaign stop at the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. "We are working hard everywhere, and I know it is hard and all we can do is help people turn out for the primaries and the caucuses and we just want to do as well as we can."
Additionally, an NBC News/Survey Monkey poll released Tuesday showed Clinton with a double-digit lead over rival Bernie Sanders, 51 percent to 41 percent.

Pundits have been predicting trouble for Clinton's rival, Bernie Sanders, ever since Clinton trounced him in the South Carolina primary, winning by nearly 50 points. Asked whether Sanders will have a path forward to the Democratic nomination if he performs poorly Tuesday, Clinton said, "I am not going to comment on that."

Good tactic. It's never over until the votes are in.

Hill's Group: Will gay men deliver for Hillary Clinton on Super Tuesday?


According to a new unscientific poll of Scruff users released last week, Clinton is the clear favorite of gay men who use the app. Clinton’s support is more than double Sanders’ and she would win the gay vote in every Super Tuesday state except for Sanders’ home state of Vermont. The poll surveyed nearly 15,000 Scruff users in the United States.

63% of respondents indicated they prefer Clinton over Sanders who garnered 31%. Nine times as many respondents (72%) identify as Democrats as versus the 8% who affiliate with Republicans. Donald Trump was the clear favorite of Republicans with 39% of respondents choosing the former reality show star.

While the limits of the poll are obvious since the hookup app only polled gay men who use their service, it’s still worth a second look. Why would respondents so clearly choose Clinton over Sanders by a larger margin than the general population?

While Clinton has a mixed history on LGBT issues, in recent years she’s become a champion of LGBT rights. Formerly opposed to same-sex marriage, she has now “evolved” on the issue and has always supported LGBT nondiscrimination protections. As Secretary of State, she famously declared that “gay rights are human rights” in a speech to the United Nations and pushed for greater acceptance of LGBT people worldwide.

More at the link. I found this article interesting because at least some DUers have excoriated Hillary for her statements about and record on LGBTs and have cited them for their refusal to support her.

Hill's Group: Rep. Joaquin Castro: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for America Is About Inclusion

I'll be casting my vote with my grandmother, mother and daughter in mind.


When I go to the polls on Tuesday, I’ll be thinking about my grandmother. Around 1914 she left Mexico to live with family in the U.S. She was 6-years-old, her sister was 4, and both were orphaned. My grandmother never had a formal education, so she took what jobs she could as a maid, a babysitter and a cook. She worked hard to take care of her only daughter, my mother Rosie.

I’ll be thinking about my mother, too—the first in her family to graduate high school and attend college. She went on to fight for voting rights in Texas and even ran for office herself. Her early activism inspired my own path to public service, and my brother, Julián’s, too. Our mother supported us so we in turn could get a college education, attend law school and follow our dreams.

With these two women in mind, I’ll be casting my vote on March 1 for Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. Of all the candidates, she can best ensure that a third woman (to-be), my 2-year-old daughter, grows up knowing she can accomplish anything, even becoming President of the United States.

For Clinton, opportunity begins with security. As Senator of New York, she represented employees at Ground Zero in the days after 9/11. She then worked across party lines to help prevent future attacks—in New York and across the country. As Secretary of State, Clinton met with global leaders to rein in climate change, fight terrorism, and—of importance to parents of daughters everywhere—protect women’s safety worldwide.

More good stuff at the link.
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