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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Switzerland
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 03:01 PM
Number of posts: 14,796

Journal Archives

Hillary Clinton's Christmas Photo Is A Blast From The Past

Posting this to counteract some of the negativity posted about Hillary today. If anything - such actions make me prouder than ever to be a Hillary supporter if only because I have not seen anything as bad on the part of Hillary supporters today.

The misguided ones can continue to slam Hillary and smear her all they want. They are making no headway with me, nor with anyone I know. If anything, some undecideds I know have now moved firmly into the Hillary column, based on holiday conversations.


The winner of 2015? Hillary Clinton

Some nice things being said about our candidate: https://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2015/12/24/the-winner-hillary-clinton/KcjEONBB52FaHr8z796xVN/story.html

In a year that saw the rise of Donald Trump and the surprising emergence of Bernie Sanders, the real winner for 2015 is actually a more conventional name: Hillary Clinton.

This might seem like a surprising choice. What about her e-mails and her private server? What about Benghazi? What about the lack of enthusiasm for her candidacy or her struggling poll numbers?

Those were problems, but the e-mail scandal has largely faded from view. As for Benghazi, Clinton’s appearance before a congressional committee largely put that issue to bed — and gave her a chance to shine before a national audience. While Sanders’ challenge remains an issue, Clinton has shown in the three Democratic debates that she is on top of her game and is by far the best politician running this cycle. Five weeks until Iowa, Clinton has a double-digit national lead over Sanders and is almost certainly going to be the Democratic nominee next year.

If anything, Sanders’ challenge has probably been more helpful than harmful, by forcing Clinton to sharpen her message before the harsh glare of a national campaign.

To all kindred spirits on DU, no matter which candidate they currently support:

For a very expensive but very useful

gift for a busy person who has everything else, think about the Thermomix. http://www.wsj.com/articles/europes-favorite-appliance-a-blender-that-cooks-1438702336

In the US, it costs more than most large appliances. So probably most Americans won't be getting one for Christmas. If ever.

Europeans are clamoring for a blender that also cooks—and weighs, grinds, steams, chops, stirs, whips and kneads. It also has a color computer screen to walk cooks through digitized recipes.

The Thermomix, a $1,200 German kitchen appliance, now has a wait-list of more than two months.

Producer Vorwerk & Co., known in Germany for its durable vacuum cleaners, says a surge in orders for its latest model, launched in September, is forcing staff to work around the clock every day. Runaway success in Europe has Vorwerk cooking up plans for a U.S. relaunch late next year.

The Thermomix automates food preparation, going beyond existing soup-making blenders from Cuisinart and others that also heat their contents.

Amazon shows 1 used at USD 1,775. http://www.amazon.com/Vorwerk-Thermomix-Stainless-Varoma-Kitchen220/dp/B00E7OOOIO

There are three reviews. The reason that it averages out at three stars is because one poster simply mentioned that a newer model is available and didn't say anything about this product. So that review was one star.

I don't have one myself (and likely never will in this lifetime), but a former colleague who is a German national has had one for years and swears by it! Since she is the best-organized mother of three (up to 8 years old) and gourmet that I know, I take her recommendation seriously.

Here’s the Type of Unethical Liberal That Needs To Be Called Out by the Left

Guess who it is.

I don’t normally single out any one particular political blogger – especially for an entire (long) article – but there is one whose writing is so awful I’ve been compelled to hopefully expose this fool for what he is. You see, H.A. Goodman calls himself a “Bernie Sanders only” supporter – except he doesn’t even seem to be that. More than anything, he’s simply anti-Hillary Clinton. It’s gotten to a point that his agenda against her has become so absurd, his writing isn’t even credible. He’s every bit the anti-Clinton propagandist that you’ll find on any number of conservative blogs.



Take for instance this article published on December 2, 2015 declaring that 14 percent of Democrats won’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Despite this piece being written in December, he cites polling numbers from September, October and as far back as June – when he damn well should know that there are updated polling statistics out there that debunk the premise for this entire article. The latest CBS poll that dealt with this metric from 11/10 (the poll they did in early December didn’t ask this question) shows that the number of Democrats who “would not” vote for Clinton shrank from 14 percent, to 9 percent. Which is actually a lower number than the percentage of people who said they would not support Sanders (12 percent). Not only that, but Clinton beat Sanders in voters who would “enthusiastically” support her by a margin of 43-35 percent.

So, Goodman claims that Clinton is “unelectable” since 14 percent of Democrats wouldn’t vote for her (based on outdated numbers) – wouldn’t that mean Sanders, at 12 percent in the newest polling numbers, is essentially just as “unelectable”?

Furthermore, if you’re going to build an argument that “14 percent of Democrats won’t support Clinton,” you can’t ignore that a Gallup poll from the summer (the most recent one they’ve done) said that 41 percent of Democrats wouldn’t support a socialist.

Allen Clifton is a staunch progressive and he's calling a spade a spade.

No cigar, sorry. eom

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