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RandySF's Journal
RandySF's Journal
May 16, 2021

Mom paid $590 a week to support her teen's weed habit

An Irish judge is contemplating how punishment should continue for a 16-year-old boy whose mother was paying for his €400 ($588) a week cannabis habit when he was charged with impeding a drug search last year.

Appearing this week in court for a pre-sentence probation report, the teenager, who was accompanied by his father, is awaiting sentence, reports Breaking News Ireland.

Calling the circumstances a “strange set of affairs,” Judge Kelly noted the teen’s mother “was giving you money to buy cannabis,” to which he replied “yes.”

Since that time, Judge Paul Kelly of Dublin Children’s Court noted the boy, who has been under supervision, was working well with the probation service, according to Breaking News.

Still, Judge Kelly said he had concerns about the teen’s ongoing cannabis use — he was still consuming about €100 ($147) worth of weed each week — and its potential impact on his mental health. He was also not ready to accept the Probation Service’s suggestion that supervision was no longer required.


May 16, 2021

Man charged with wife's murder illegally cast her ballot for Trump

The county clerk immediately knew something strange was going on last fall. A mail ballot had arrived from Suzanne Morphew — a woman missing since May.

“There’s posters all over our town,” said Lori Mitchell, the clerk and recorder in Chaffee County, a Colorado community of about 20,000 rocked by Morphew’s disappearance last Mother’s Day. “Constant things in the news about her. There’s people at the grocery store passing out fliers.”

The ballot didn’t have Morphew’s signature as required, Mitchell said. But someone had signed on the “witness” line: The woman’s husband, Barry Morphew.

“I was stunned,” Mitchell recalled. “I couldn’t believe it. I was like, what in the world is going on?”
For a long time, she said, it was just something fishy that her office reported to law enforcement. Then Barry Morphew was charged this month with murdering his wife. This week, things got stranger still: Barry was also accused of casting his wife’s ballot in a fraudulent vote for President Donald Trump.


May 16, 2021

US Marshal accused of framing ex-girlfriend in 'rape fantasy' plot

A Deputy U.S. Marshal has been accused of framing his ex-girlfriend of sending men to his home to sexually assault his then-wife as part of a “rape fantasy."

Ian Diaz was allegedly involved in a scheme where he “used Craigslist, e-mail, text messaging, and other methods to solicit, and then lure, individuals found through Craigslist ‘personal’ advertisements, to come to the Property and engage in a ‘rape fantasy’ with UCC-1, in an attempt to stage a non-consensual sexual assault on UCC-1, with the other party believing that the sexual encounter would be consensual,” according to the indictment.

Diaz and his then-wife, Angela Diaz, created the accounts using the ex-girlfriend’s name in 2016. Diaz and the ex-girlfriend broke up in 2015.

The pair staged “one or more hoax sexual assaults” before calling the police to say the ex-girlfriend, Michelle Hadley, sent men to assault Angela.

The indictment shows that Diaz even told police that Hadley “needs to be in fucking cuffs and in a padded room.”

Hadley was taken to jail where she spent 88 days before being released.


May 16, 2021

MO-SEN: Democratic Kansas City, Mo., mayor eyes Senate run

Kansas City, Mo., Mayor Quinton Lucas (D) is urging Democrats to take a hard look at competing for an open U.S. Senate seat next year in Missouri — and he may want to be their nominee.

In an interview, Lucas, 36, said he has met with Democratic Party officials about mounting a campaign to replace retiring Sen. Roy Blunt (R). He said his campaign, if he decides to run, would depart from more traditional Democratic candidates who have lost statewide elections in a state that has moved substantially to the right over the last 20 years.

“It’s a very serious consideration. That said, it was not a lifelong dream to be a United States senator,” Lucas said. “I think that we’ve accomplished a lot in Kansas City.”

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee declined to comment on conversations with potential candidates.

Any Democrat would have a tough challenge in Missouri, a state where former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) lost reelection in 2018 and where the party controls only one of six executive offices, the auditor’s office. Former President Trump carried Missouri by 15 points in 2020, reaching the highest share of the vote for any Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan won reelection in 1984.


May 10, 2021

Officers shouldn't have fired into Breonna Taylor's home, report says

Newly released documents from an internal probe into the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor shows two investigators determined that none of the officers involved in serving a 2020 narcotics warrant at the 26-year-old's apartment should have fired their gun, but the findings were contradicted by senior officials in the Louisville Metro Police Department, according to a new report from two investigators.

Sgt. Andrew Meyer of the police department's Professional Standards Unit determined in a preliminary report dated Dec. 4 that the three officers involved in the March 13, 2020, shooting should have held their fire after Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, shot one of them, according to the documents obtained by ABC News.

"They took a total of thirty-two shots, when the provided circumstances made it unsafe to take a single shot. This is how the wrong person was shot and killed," Meyer wrote, according to the report.

Meyer made a preliminary finding that Louisville police Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, who was shot in the leg during the incident, and former officers Myles Cosgrove and Brett Hankison all allegedly violated department use-of-force policy by ignoring the significant risk of hitting someone who did not pose a threat, the internal report reads.


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