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RandySF's Journal
RandySF's Journal
December 9, 2016

Ivanka, Tiffany Trump Will Fulfill First Lady Duties, With Melania Trump Living in New York City

Ivanka Trump has denied that she wants any sort of post in her father's White House. She insists that she has no ambitions. "I just want to be a good daughter," but it's clear that she will be much more than that to the Trump administration. An attractive and vibrant woman, she will no doubt fit the bill well, as First Daughter. With the First Lady planning to be largely absent, Ivanka will make an ideal substitute First Lady.

Ivanka Trump, 32, and her sister, Tiffany Trump, 23, campaigned together. Ivanka loves to entertain, is used to being by her fathers side running his businesses. She plans to advocate for equal pay and maternity leave for women. In doing so, she will fill much of the traditional First Lady Role. Elusive Melania will likely be absent from the public eye, quietly raising her son Barron in New York City.

She will be sent to events when Donald is too busy or too far away to attend; she will meet with people he cannot meet, and she will deliver speeches in front of female audiences, given his past.

"We're in a time when all the molds are being broken," said Katherine Jellison, head of the history department at Ohio University and an authority on first ladies. "That may be the case where we have a redefining of a role that, after all, isn't in the Constitution."

December 8, 2016

Andrew Puzder, Trump's Pick for Labor Department, Was Accused of Abusing Wife

Andrew Puzder, the St. Louis attorney who rose to become CEO of Carl's Jr. and now stands as Donald Trump's pick to be Secretary of Labor, was accused of abuse by his first wife in the 1980s — with police twice summoned to the couple's home.

The allegations were first aired in the couple's 1989 divorce. The abuse allegations in the divorce filings then became the subject of a July 26, 1989, Riverfront Times cover story.

Puzder denied the abuse both in a deposition for his divorce and in the RFT's story, calling his ex-wife Lisa Henning's allegations "baseless."

"There was no physical abuse at any point in time," he told the RFT.

In her divorce filing, Henning alleged that Puzder hit her, threw her to the floor and unplugged the phone after she tried to call the police for her help. Puzder would later acknowledge in a deposition that he "grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her back," but said he did it to stop her from hurting herself.

The divorce filing also detailed two other incidents: One in the late '70s in which the neighbors called the police after a shouting match turned into a plate-throwing fight, and one in which Lisa Henning alleged that Puzder punched her in 1985 while they were driving in a car. Questioned about the incident in a deposition for the divorce case, Puzder said that he had not punched his wife, but acknowledged driving onto the curb: "I think it had to do with the liquid refreshment we had with our dinner more than anything else."


December 8, 2016

John Glenn, American Hero of the Space Age, Dies at 95

John Glenn, a freckle-faced son of Ohio who was hailed as a national hero and a symbol of the space age as the first American to orbit Earth, then became a national political figure for 24 years in the Senate, died on Thursday in Columbus, Ohio. He was 95.

His death was announced on Twitter by Gov. John Kasich of Ohio.

Mr. Glenn had recently been hospitalized at the James Cancer Center at Ohio State University in Columbus, though university officials said at the time that admission there did not necessarily mean he had cancer. He had heart-valve replacement surgery in 2014 and a stroke around that time.

He had kept an office on the campus at the John Glenn School of Public Affairs, which he helped found, and had a home in Columbus.

In just five hours on Feb. 20, 1962, Mr. Glenn joined a select roster of Americans whose feats have seized the country’s imagination and come to embody a moment in its history, figures like Lewis and Clark, the Wright brothers and Charles Lindbergh.


December 8, 2016


Did anyone feel it? I didn't fee anything here in San Francisco.


December 8, 2016

Not a peep or a tweet from Trump re. the Oakland fire.

Tweets of prayer for the victims for the Tennessee fire and SE United State tornadoes. But not one character for the Oakland fire victims and their families. It's as if his fingers are paralyzed when it comes to people in blue states (except to bash Boeing).

December 8, 2016

Imagine if a Democrat said this.

ormer Speaker Newt Gingrich said the Japanese "displayed professional brilliance" during the attack on Pearl Harbor on the 75th anniversary.

"December 7 is a good day to remember that the world is dangerous and shattering surprise is possible even when we have been warned," Gingrich tweeted on Wednesday.

"75 years ago the Japanese displayed professional brilliance and technological power launching surprises from Hawaii to the Philippines."

Gingrich went on to address the way the Japanese have carried out other attacks.

"Japanese planning and [training] let them also carry out surprise attacks in Hong Kong and Malaysia," he tweeted. "It was widest surprise attack in history."


December 7, 2016

How 'Supergirl' and one comic shop employee helped save a girl'

Before we get to Mary’s story, some background. This season on Supergirl the showrunners decided to take a slightly different route with the caped hero’s adopted sister. After a first season with very little info about Alex Danvers’ personal life, Season 2 launched a slow-burning story in which Alex meets Maggie Sawyer -- an openly gay police detective -- and discovers that her feelings for Maggie are more than just friendly.

The storyline has garnered intense praise from the fanbase, especially those who felt that Alex’s coming out was one of the most realistic they’d seen on television. Which brings us back to Mary and her teenage patron.

"She starts going up and down the new release wall and the poor thing looks completely overwhelm

So, I make my way over to her and ask if I can help her find anything. She quietly admits that she was looking for Supergirl. We’re walking to the Super area when I ask if she watches the show. She smiles a bit and nods. Says Alex is her favorite.

I mention that I’m a huge #Sanvers [Alex and Maggie] shipper and the poor thing just breaks down in tears. I’m trying to figure out what the hell I did to upset her. She’s crying and I’m freaking out.

After a minute or so, everything clicks. I’m staring down a crying baby gay. One who was having some big issues.

I tell her that it was hard for me when I wanted to come out too. She finally stops crying and asks me if it gets easier.

We sit at the coffee bar and talked for a while. She tells me that after seeing it all over Tumblr she binged SG. And when she got to Alex’s coming out arc was when things hit her.

She tells me that she’s just wanted to kill herself for so long and that she had tried but just made herself sick. But as Alex’s arc continued she said she realized that she started to see that she could be happy, that she could be loved. She didn’t want to die anymore. "

For the first time, she didn’t want to die because she got to see Alex be amazing and be queer.

She said she came to the store hoping to find something to get her through the hiatus, so she wouldn’t fall back in depression. She had no idea gay comic characters were a thing but wanted to try.

I tell her about Batwoman, Midnighter, and Renee Montoya. I pull out my starters which are Batwoman: Elegy, Midnighter, and Gotham Central. I also dug up a copy of the Adventures of Supergirl, just to get her through.

She had enough cash for one and was torn on which to get. She decides on Batwoman and asks if I can hold the rest for a while.

I was having an internal crisis at that time, because this kid was me years ago. I was barely holding off my own tears. I ended up buying the other 3 for her and I make her promise me that in 10 years she’ll help another queer kid.

So, I’m out 60 bucks and I cried in the bathroom for an hour but it was damn worth it.

So, @TheCWSupergirl @SupergirlStaff @chy_leigh and @florianalima the work you do means so much to us. Thank you. So, so, much."

December 7, 2016

Outrage as 'lock her up' chant hits Canada

Canadian politicians have expressed outrage after protesters at a political rally chanted "lock her up" about Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

Protesters erupted into jeers at a rally against a carbon tax, hosted by the right-wing Rebel media group.

"Lock her up" was frequently chanted by Donald Trump supporters in reference to Hillary Clinton during the US election.

Mrs Clinton was under FBI investigation over her emails but Ms Notley has not faced any criminal probe.

But the New Democratic Party leader has been subject to threats of violence since her election in 2015.

The crowds began shouting the phrase outside the province's legislature on Saturday at a rally over the provincial government's planned carbon tax.

The rally was organised by Rebel Media, an online news and right-wing opinion outlet.

Conservative leadership hopeful Chris Alexander, who was criticising Ms Notley in a speech when the shouting began, said he was "shocked" and mortified" by the chant.


December 7, 2016

Most Americans Who See Fake News Believe It, New Survey Says

Fake news headlines fool American adults about 75% of the time, according to a large-scale new survey conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs for BuzzFeed News.

The survey also found that people who cite Facebook as a major source of news are more likely to view fake news headlines as accurate than those who rely less on the platform for news.

This survey is the first large-scale public opinion research study into the fake news phenomenon that has had a sweeping effect on global politics, and that recently caused a gunman to threaten a DC pizza place. The results paint a picture of news consumers with little ability to evaluate the headlines that often fly toward them without context on social media platforms. They also — surprisingly — suggest that consumers are likely to believe even false stories that don’t fit their ideological bias. And the survey calls into question the notion — which Facebook has reportedly begun testing — that consumers themselves can do the work of distinguishing between real and fake news.

The new data comes from an online survey of 3,015 US adults conducted between Nov. 28 and Dec. 1. For more on the methodology, see the bottom of this article. A detailed summary of results to all questions can be found here. Additional calculations can be found here.

“The 2016 election may mark the point in modern political history when information and disinformation became a dominant electoral currency,” said Chris Jackson of Ipsos Public Affairs, which conducted the survey on behalf of BuzzFeed News. “Public opinion, as reflected in this survey, showed that ‘fake news’ was remembered by a significant portion of the electorate and those stories were seen as credible.”


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