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RandySF's Journal
RandySF's Journal
December 3, 2016

In last night's drunken rant, I asked when they would start jailing journalists. Today.....

Corey Lewandowski, who served as Donald Trump’s first campaign manager, told a Harvard University audience on Thursday that he believes New York Times editor Dean Baquet should be jailed for publishing Trump’s tax returns.

“We had one of the top people at The New York Times come to Harvard University and say, ‘I’m willing to go to jail to get a copy of Donald Trump’s taxes so I can publish them,'” Lewandowski said, according to Politico. “Dean Baquet came here and offered to go to jail — you’re telling me, he’s willing to commit a felony on a private citizen to post his taxes, and there isn’t enough scrutiny on the Trump campaign and his business dealings and his taxes?”

Lewandowski then ominously added, “It’s egregious. He should be in jail.”

Baquet was not unaware of the risk that he could go to prison for publishing Trump’s tax returns. In September Baquet openly admitted at another Harvard University forum that he considered the public interest in knowing Trump’s tax-related chicanery to be so significant that the risk of imprisonment was worth it.

The documents published by The New York Times in October included part of his 1995 tax returns. They revealed that Trump had reported a $916 million loss that year, one which he could have used to avoid paying taxes for 18 years. As the Times later wrote, though, “tax experts have been debating how Mr. Trump could have legally declared a deduction of that magnitude at all. Among other things, they have noted that Mr. Trump’s huge casino losses should have been offset by the hundreds of millions of dollars in taxable income he surely must have reported to the I.R.S. in the form of canceled casino debt.


December 3, 2016

Trump's education pick says reform can 'advance God's Kingdom'

The billionaire philanthropist whom Donald Trump has tapped to lead the Education Department once compared her work in education reform to a biblical battleground where she wants to "advance God's Kingdom."

Trump’s pick, Betsy DeVos, a national leader of the school choice movement, has pursued that work in large part by spending millions to promote the use of taxpayer dollars on private and religious schools.

Her comments came during a 2001 meeting of “The Gathering,” an annual conference of some of the country’s wealthiest Christians. DeVos and her husband, Dick, were interviewed a year after voters rejected a Michigan ballot initiative to change the state’s constitution to allow public money to be spent on private and religious schools, which the DeVoses had backed.

In the interview, an audio recording, which was obtained by POLITICO, the couple is candid about how their Christian faith drives their efforts to reform American education.

School choice, they say, leads to “greater Kingdom gain.” The two also lament that public schools have “displaced” the Church as the center of communities, and they cite school choice as a way to reverse that troubling trend.


December 3, 2016

I guess Palin didn't get that cabinet post.

Have you noticed how embittered some of Trump's old cronies are these?

Sarah Palin called Donald Trump’s deal to save roughly 1,000 jobs at a Carrier plant in Indiana “crony capitalism.”

Wrote Palin: “When government steps in arbitrarily with individual subsidies, favoring one business over others, it sets inconsistent, unfair, illogical precedent.”

She added: “Republicans oppose this, remember? Instead, we support competition on a level playing field, remember? Because we know special interest crony capitalism is one big fail.”

December 2, 2016

Former Special Forces Officer: Gen. 'Mad Dog' Mattis Left 'My Men to Die'

A former Army Special Forces officer is accusing retired Marine General James Mattis, President-elect Donald Trump's pick to be defense secretary, of "leaving my men to die" after they were hit by friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2001.

Mattis has not commented publicly on the incident, which was chronicled in a 2011 New York Times bestselling book, "The Only Thing Worthy Dying For," by Eric Blehm, which portrays Mattis as stubbornly unwilling to help the Green Berets.

His actions, which were not formally investigated at the time, are now likely to get far more scrutiny during the retired general's Senate confirmation process.


December 2, 2016

I'm tired, drunk and afraid after watching. So I have to ask the questions I'll get flamed for

When do they start breaking windows? When do they start arresting journalists? Who's going to the camps? What political views will I be arrested for? Will my mixed race child be deemed unfit for public college?

I sound crazy, but last year, Trump was a joke. After that, Trump will quit after Wisconsin. After that, Trump will moderate himself after the convention. After that, no way he was going to win..Nothing's off the table anymore.

December 2, 2016

So what reforms do we want at the DNC?

We talk about refining the party but I've seen few concrete suggestions. So what exactly do we want? I'll start with broader participation in selecting DNC members and ra requirement that Chair must be a full time effort. Your turn.

December 1, 2016

Newt is is actually right about Romney.

“You have never, ever in your career seen a serious adult who’s wealthy, independent, has been a presidential nominee, suck up at the rate that Mitt Romney is sucking up.”

— Newt Gingrich, quoted by the Daily Beast


December 1, 2016

Petraeus would have to notify probation officer if named secretary of State

Former Gen. David Petraeus is reportedly one of President-elect Donald Trump's finalists to be secretary of State.

If he's chosen, he'll have three days to notify his probation officer.
Petraeus was sentenced to two years of probation on April 23, 2015, for giving his mistress classified information.

"The defendant shall not leave the Western District of North Carolina without the permission of the Court or probation officer. Travel allowed for work as approved by U.S. probation office," says a court judgdment, reported first by Brad Heath of USA Today.


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