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RandySF's Journal
RandySF's Journal
October 19, 2013

Cuccinelli reduced to using Duggars as surrogates

So this guy is Ken Cuccinelli's ace in the hole?

Terry McAuliffe has--in no particular order--Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, Linwood Holton, and many, many other respected endorsers.

And Ken Cuccinelli is left with a family of circus freaks? I guess that's about the size of it.


October 19, 2013

Some frustration, but officials predict worst to come in BART strike

SAN FRANCISCO — A second strike by Bay Area rapid transit workers in four months produced traffic jams and frustration Friday, but officials predicted the worst was yet to come.

Transportation officials said they believed many commuters took the day off or telecommuted, relieving the crush to get in and out of San Francisco and around the East Bay.

BART, the nation's fifth-largest transit system, normally carries 400,000 round-trip passengers each workday. On Friday, the first day of the strike, traffic increased only 8% and car pools by 25%, according to an afternoon count by transportation officials.

Charter buses hired by BART and ferries had room in the morning for all who waited in line, with the number of riders using those forms of transportation significantly down from the 41/2 days BART workers struck in July, officials said.


October 19, 2013

Nate Silver Criticizes Politico Again

Nate Silver, prominent New York Times statistician who is currently launching a new website with ESPN, on Friday again criticized Politico for its overreliance on horse race coverage.

"Recently for example, I saw an article in Politico that claimed the government shutdown was responsible for the Democrat Terry McAuliffe's expanding lead in the Virginia gubernatorial race," Silver said at an Online News Association conference. "The article cited one question in the poll that the government wasn't popular and another showing McAuliffe well ahead, and asserted there was a link between the two. There was no evidence however, of a causal link that anyone had switched their vote because of the shutdown."

Silver said that the way in which the information was presented in the article, not the information itself, was the issue.

"It was a fine theory, but instead it was stated as a fact when there was no proof of it whatsoever," he added.


October 19, 2013

FreedomWorks CEO: Shutdown, Debt Crisis Were 'Brilliant Republican Strategy'

Forget the overwhelming consensus that the government shutdown and debt crisis both amounted to a political pratfall for Republicans. According to the leader of a leading tea party organization, the GOP actually displayed its brilliance throughout the debacle.

FreedomWorks CEO Matt Kibbe shared an article with his Twitter followers on Saturday that he suggested should vindicate humbled Republicans.

The article, published by the website Marginal Revolution, posits that "Republicans convinced some of their opponents that they are crazy and irresponsible, without actually being crazy (though they were irresponsible, but that is the whole point)."

"Look where we stand," Tyler Cowen, the author of the piece, wrote. "In real terms government spending has been falling. Sequestration appears to be permanent, or it will be negotiated away by Republicans in return for preferred changes in tax and spending policy. Leading Democratic intellectuals are talking about future fiscal bargains with no new taxes. The American public polls as increasingly conservative."


October 19, 2013

Arizona's version of Sarah Palin a front-runner for Gov.

She's like a singing Sarah Palin.

Meet Christine Jones, Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate. She's got a strong conservative streak, some trouble with geography, and apparently a desire to sing her way to the governor's office.

All of this was on display Wednesday night when the deep-pocketed former executive of the internet company GoDaddy serenaded the audience at a charity event for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (R). Jones, who could play a major role in the 2014 GOP primary, told the crowd she has been trying to win the sheriff's support.

In addition to her song, a tune from the musical "Wicked" that at one point she forgot the lyrics to, Jones managed to make an eyebrow-raising comment about Arpaio, who was recently slapped with by a federal judge over his treatment of immigrants.

"It turns out that [Arpaio] does a lot of cool stuff that nobody knows about," Jones said at one point. "Do you know this guy goes down into the desert and puts out water so people won't die coming across the Rio Grande?"

The Rio Grande flows through Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. Officials for Arpaio's office said they had no knowledge of Arpaio ever putting water in the desert for people, according to Phoenix TV station KTVK, which broadcasted Jones' remarks.


October 19, 2013

Misery Defined: Russian airline plans to pack 652 seats into one plane.

WASHINGTON – When Transaero Airlines takes delivery of its first Airbus A380 in 2015, the Russian carrier's superjumbo jet may end up having the highest seating capacity of any commercial passenger jet in the world.

Transaero CEO Olga Pleshakova tells Today in the Sky that the airline will outfit its four A380s with 652 seats in three classes of service.

"Imperial Class is 12 seats, which are designed as suites," says Pleshakova, describing Transaero's A380 layout through a translator. " There are 24 seats in business class – these are full-flat seats and all-around access. And 616 is for the economy, for the total of 652."

That would give Transaero's A380s the highest seating capacity of any airline currently flying the jet, though other carriers are scheduled to receive their first A380s before Transaero does.


October 18, 2013

Business groups stand by Boehner, plot against tea party

Despite presiding over a chamber that nearly drove the country to a debt default, John A. Boehner still has the enduring support of a group that would have been most harmed by that event: the business community.

Rather than revisit their strategy of supporting Republicans after this week’s near-disaster, influential organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are standing behind Boehner. More important, Boehner’s friends in the business community are getting ready to take sides in a few Republican primary races against tea party candidates in Michigan, Idaho and Alabama who could cause the House speaker more trouble.

Boehner, who was once president of a small plastics company in Ohio, has spent much of his career burnishing the GOP’s identity as the party of business, building deep relationships since the 1990s with groups like the U.S. Chamber by providing legislative favors and easy access through countless receptions and rounds of golf.

In return, business groups have helped Boehner and his counterparts in the Senate raise millions of dollars to put Republicans in office, including the 2010 election of tea party lawmakers who have now roiled the GOP.


October 18, 2013

House Stenographer is not insane, just batshit crazy.

This is what happened ….. Click to read

Urgent: House Stenographer says Holy Spirit woke her up at night to deliver message to the House

Per Kaplan/Pergram-Capitol Hill

Karrah Kaplan spoke with the husband of House stenographer Dianne Reidy last night. There’s an emailed statement here from Dan Reidy.

First, from Dianne:

“For the past 2 and 1/2 weeks, the Holy Spirit has been waking me up in the
middle of the night and preparing me (through my reluctance and doubt) to deliver
a message in the House Chamber.
That is what I did last night”

Her husand Dan says “My wife is a sweet, level-headed wonderful woman of God. I am proud of her.”

Chad Pergram
FOX News
Senior Producer for Capitol Hill


October 17, 2013

Evan Bayh Used the Government Shutdown to Shill for the Medical Device Lobby

On Fox News Sunday this morning, former Senator Evan Bayh voiced his support for a proposal by Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, to temporarily repeal the medical-device tax in exchange for temporary funding of the government and increasing the federal debt limit through January. Bayh told host Chris Wallace that Collin’s proposal doesn’t go far enough. “Clearly a permanent repeal would give more certainty to the business community,” said Bayh.

The “business community” Bayh referenced also happens to be huge clients of Bayh’s lobbying firm, a conflict of interest that was not disclosed during the discussion.

After leaving the Senate, Bayh became a partner at McGuireWoods, which represents Allied Medical Supply, the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association, the Cook Group, Eleka Instruments and other medical-device interests.

When Democrats, including Bayh, passed the Affordable Care Act three years ago, they enacted a 2.3 percent excise tax on medical device companies to pay for the law. As Citizens for Tax Justice notes, many major medical-device companies pay no tax at all. For instance, medical product giant Baxter International had a 2008–10 average federal income tax rate of negative 7.1 percent, according to CTJ’s report.


October 17, 2013

House stenographer loses it during shutdown vote

A stenographer for the House apparently lost it Wednesday night as lawmakers passed a government funding and debt limit deal, Roll Call reports. The stenographer began shouting about God and the Freemasons as the vote took place.

"He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked. Don't touch me. He will not be mocked," the stenographer shouted as she was taken away by U.S. Capitol Police. "The greatest deception here is not 'one nation under God.' It never was. Had it been, it would not have been."

She continued, "The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons. They go against God."

She went on, "You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ."


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