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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2008, 06:25 PM
Number of posts: 784

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Is there nothing in our legal system that would allow us to prosecute the orange pistule

on charges of having caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people?

For the rest of my life I will count drumpf among history's most egregious mass murderers.

What a wonderful and selfless thing to do.

I agree with the advice from FuzzyRabbit and calimary. It could also well be that your husband feels a bit adrift with his societally-impressed role as male provider and protector having been blunted; I don't know. But the two of you can work together to continue to be safe, and love each other, and perhaps even find some new things to do to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of winter (videos of alpine skiing through fresh powder?, photos of freezing soap-water bubbles showing the intricate crystalline patterns of icy dendrites?) and the coming spring. (Purchase some bulbs to grow into blooms? I'm enjoying four blossoming orchids right now that I've carefully tended for a year and more since their last blossoming.) Our wonderful new and oh so capable president has brought fresh hope to the country with his vaccine push, and I think that you'll find an appointment for yourself very soon.

What mysteries of the past four years would you like to see solved?

What mysteries of the past four years of hell on wheels would you like to see solved? Not necessarily the most important ones, the most damning, the most ostentatious, the most egregious, but instead, the ones that have nagged away at your subconscious for the past four years?

For myself, I'll suggest three, though if I thought for more than a moment, I could easily go on.

1) What was the information being shared between the Trump Tower server and Alfa Bank?
See https://www.justsecurity.org/72262/the-trump-alfa-bank-server-mystery-resurfaces/

2) Did the infamous rumored "Pee-Pee tape" of the Steele Dossier actually refer to "PedoPhile" as has been suggested?

3) Who was the Melania double? Who decided when to use the Melania double, and why? Was the poor woman ever paid? How many in the White House knew exactly what was going on with her? Who coached her, handled her wardrobe, spirited her to and from drumpf's presence when she wasn't working?

Classic MAGAt 1984 doublethink.

These MAGATs brains are like Schrodinger's cat if it were to have escaped from its box but had managed to maintain its uncollapsed quantum state of being simultaneously alive and dead.

Oh, I learned the old school method in ... old school. That's what I'd do with pen and paper

especially for a more complicated calculation. What I was describing was some mental shortcuts I can take for something that is just difficult enough that I can't do the old school method in my head, but not so difficult that I can't do it in my head at all. I break the problem down into a few chunks that I can keep track of without writing anything down. Now if you'd asked for 438*113, I'd be going for the pen and paper, or a calculator.

Simple math processes ("tricks"?) I learned as a kid help me.

In my head, I think,

8 x 113 =
8 x (100 + 10 + 3) =
800 + 80 + 24 =
880 + 24 =

or alternately, handling the 10's place first,

8 x 113 =
8 x (11 * 10) + 8 * 3 =
88 * 10 + 24 =
88 * 10 + 2 * 10 + 4 =
90 * 10 + 4 =

Something like 8 * 98 is easy, since it's 8 * (100 - 2) = 800 - 16 = 784.

But then, I think I was born odd.

Well! This was a first, twice, for me!

I never got to report a troll on the troll's post #1, and I then never got to report on the troll's post #2, until now!

I have it on good authority that Soros has paid the Clintons to use the lizard people tunnels

so that rhinestone-sporting BLM protesters can access the My Pillow factories, where they put self-injecting microchips into the My Pillow pillows that work their way into your skull while you sleep. Once the head of Antifa gives the signal, all the chips will be activated and turn the microchip-injected MAGAts into sterile baby-eating libtards. MAGAts need to burn their My Pillows and deeply breath the fumes, which act as an antidote to the microchips if they've already been injected.

May I propose a new collective noun for elected republicans:

an “incarceration.”

The Lalo Alcaraz cartoon (Biden #1, Trump #2) reminds me of this old joke...

Pravda reported that in the racecar contest, the Soviet entry came in second and the American entry came in next to last.

What they failed to report was that there were only two contestants in the race.
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