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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 06:14 PM
Number of posts: 13,893

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It could be a "cheat" -- a mini-studio thrown up in another part of the hospital.

That's how I would do it so as not to disturb the president in his Presidential Suite by bringing in lights, reflectors, stringing cables, etc... Maybe it's a hospital conference room dressed up to look more official.

Those knobs behind him almost look like cabinets. Really, you'd just need the binder, the table, the flags. Trump could be kneeling, or standing. (I'm just pointing out how adaptable reality is to pulling off something like this. It's not hard.)

Yes. This is discussed in John Douglas's books on profiling,

and it's also mentioned in Forensic Psychiatrist Ronald Markman's book Alone with the Devil. And the more time that elapses between the event you want to examine a suspect about and the polygraph examination, the more likely even a non-sociopath is to pass the examination, because they have time to fully justify (in their minds) that their actions were justifiable.

This is interesting stuff.

Trump is at about the third inning of a nine inning contest.

A lot of people who thought on Day 4 they had beat this thing were buried on Day 20. Sad to say.

It was posted here on DU, maybe an Instagram post or something,

and importantly it was PRIOR to Trump being hospitalized.

He posted that Trump and the First Lady were in great shape, nothing to be worried about, etc...

Here's one from Twitter:


TEXT: Our President and First Lady have tested positive for COVID-19, however, rest assured they are both fine and completely asymptotic. The President is in very good health and has NO comorbities.

"NO comorbities"

That's not going to fly.

Trump is famous for dismissing the virus, failing to wear a mask, holding mass rallies with no masks or social distancing, and for ridiculing people who took precautions, for proposing medical interventions that are hazardous to our health (like injecting Lysol) and calling the most highly-renowned doctors in the country liars and frauds.

He can't recover from this.

They would have concealed his diagnosis as long as possible, and the death

toll from him attending events would even be higher. They only reason they divulged it is that he was having symptoms that couldn't be hidden. Even Wednesday and Thursday, people remarked on how awful he looked.

We are actually lucky he got too sick to lie about it; otherwise, he'd still be spreading it all over the place.

CNN doesn't mention that Christie was also present at the #RoseGardenMassacre


Text: Still photos of the Amy Coney Barrett coming out party and coronavirus superspreader event in the Rose Garden

Featuring no masks, hugging, kissing

Chris Christie & Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, both have now tested positive for Covid-19.

Yes, it's jaw dropping.

Both Steve Schmidt's and Rick Wilson's accounts are on fire.

They are taking no prisoners.



It just goes on and on.

In Game Theory, as in life, the golden rule doesn't apply to abusive relationships

or dictators: If you treat your abuser well, it only encourages them to keep abusing you.

The Prisonerís Dilemma and the "Virtues" of Tit for Tat
What does research in game theory say about tit for tat vs. the golden rule?


It's funny you say this, because I was just thinking,

if one of the perpetrators of the Holocaust got trapped inside a gas chamber by mistake and perished, I wouldn't feel any sympathy for him.
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