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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 15,886

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Chris Hayes? He's been on this topic like flies on shit.

Same for Rachel Maddow and Katy Tur and a boatload of CNN's people: Brianna Keilar, Brooke Baldwin, Erin Burnett, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo. Some of them have burst into tears on air while discussing this topic.

We should give kudos to these people.

Last night on CNN

one of the anchors and a guest were laughing over the awkwardness of Mike Pompeo about to meet with a bunch of his counterparts in countries that have already recognized Biden as the new president of the USA.

He's been inscrutable, masterful.

I can't wait to read the behind-the-scenes books about his campaign and, specifically, this period we are experiencing right now.

You know, every time I'm tempted to end my subscription to the NYT

I remind myself of their exposes on Trump's taxes, Rupert Murdoch, and their story about Rod Rosenstein offering to wear a wire, which I thought was BS and wrote two blistering letters to them, only to find out it was probably true. They also played a determinative role in inspiring and helping Mary Trump to write her book, one of the true literary/psychological/political gems of the last four years.

I just can't do it, because they've done so much important work. YES, they annoy me frequently. But on balance, it's one of the best.

I don't pretend to know, but he is lionized by the well-funded institutions of

the Christian Right who absolutely adore him and treat him like a king. I could see him serving some function for the handful of organizations that try to exert influence on conservative politicians and legislation, or even becoming a figurehead for them.

And after reading Woodward's book Rage and The Power Worshippers by Katherine Stewart I'm even more convinced that he might play an important role in that 'community'.

In Rage, recall the scenes between Pence and Dan Coats, when Coats and his wife were like, What the fuck are devout Christians like us doing supporting this guy Trump? and Pence telling him that they had to swallow hard and keep going because of the ultimate goal. Coats and Pence are both deeply Christian and prayed together frequently.

Pretty weak

1. There aren't "endless streams" of posts about the election being "handed to Trump." There are lots of posts by people rationally worried about the rapid proliferation of red flags indicating that the process itself is being interfered with, partially based on alarm bells being sounded by really bright people in a position to know more than us: Leon Panetta, McCaffrey, Timothy Snyder, Esper, Malcolm Nance, Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Bolton, Dr. Bandy Lee, etc.. The real issue is how much collateral damage will be done to our nation's institutions, norms, customs, credibility and reputation between now and January 20.

2. You can never tell by how someone conducts himself during a period like this what is transpiring in their minds. That isn't how we behave. Didn't you read Sun Tzu in college? This does not even rise to the level of human psychology 101.

Straw man argument, overwrought and undercooked IMO. This post falls somewhere next to your defense of the GSA for delaying transition funds and assistance to Biden and Harris.

Watch out for Stephen Miller's immigration agenda

That's one that worries me. Also: deregulation, environmental policy ("Heck, let's sell off the national parks!"

If I ran an agency affected by this "flurry" of changes, I might tell my people to "sit tight", like Mattis used to do at DoD. Just slow roll it until Trump is gone.

I know we knew this was coming, but it still pisses me off enormously. It demonstrates utter contempt for norms, and for our new President and VP.

I really hope John Yoo isn't involved in this, because his whole raison d'etre is that he can craft Executive Orders that are very difficult to undo. That is how he caught the White House's attention in the first place.

Shit gets real when you're looking a pair of F.B.I. agents in the eyes.

Many of these bogus witnesses to voter fraud are going to see things differently in an interrogation room.

Trained agents are really good at dislodging the truth. It's one thing to watch an interrogation on YouTube and think, "Heck, I can fool these idiots" and another entirely to spend a couple of hours under the scrutiny of experts in questioning witnesses.

This will be a disaster for our HUMINT in Eastern Europe (Russia), and it also makes

me more fearful that Chris Wray's firing is going to happen, because it's clear from Peter Strzok's book that the FBI has much still-classified casework on Russian interference. But it could also expose counterintelligence investigations into some well-known Trump allies that have not yet been made public.

That opening scene in Strzok's book (and reiterated later in the book) highly suggests we don't know many of the investigations that were opened in early 2017.

State Department contact form

If any of you want to voice your indignation (I just did, and will send another later), here is a contact form for the State Dept.



Here's a contact form for the General Services Administration (GSA):


Emily Murphy's business email address is floating around DU and Twitter too, but I can't locate it at the moment.
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