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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 06:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,616

Journal Archives

U2, Keith Richards and Ziggy Marley - Love Rescue Me (live)

Love rescue me
Come forth and speak to me
Raise me up and don't let me fall
No man is my enemy
My own hands imprison me
Love rescue me

Many strangers have I met
On the road to my regret
Many lost who seek to find themselves in me
They ask me to reveal
The very thoughts they would conceal
Love rescue me

And the sun in the sky
Makes a shadow of you and I
Stretching out as the sun sinks in the sea
I'm here without a name
In the palace of my shame
Said, love rescue me

In the cold mirror of a glass
I see my reflection pass
See the dark shades of what I used to be
See the purple of her eyes
The scarlet of my lies
Love rescue me

Yeah, though I walk
In the valley of shadow
Yeah, I will fear no evil

I have cursed thy rod and staff
They no longer comfort me
Love rescue me

I said love
Climb up the mountains, said love
I said love, oh my love
On the hill of the son
I'm on the eve of a storm
And my word you must believe in
Oh, I said love, rescue me
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah...

Yeah I'm here without a name
In the palace of my shame
I said love rescue me

I've conquered my past
The future is here at last
I stand at the entrance
To a new world I can see
The ruins to the right of me
Will soon have lost sight of me
Love rescue me

Agree, especially if we couple protests to our own version of "sanctions."

If every Democrat and most Independents simply shut off the TV during the Super Bowl, ratings-obsessed Trump would notice that. He would take it personally because he'll be interviewed live during the Super Bowl.

Other suggestions, strategic, rolling boycotts. Not spending our disposable income so casually. And of course not watching the State of the Union address.

Bottom line: since the politicians no longer fear the people, the only recourse we have is economic damage.

I'll bet there are some great ideas floating around out there. This weekend I'll look around and see if anyone is organizing anything.

Definitely worth the read.

I almost never recommend articles in this forum that are negative towards one of our candidates, but this one is worth reading.

It’s impossible to measure the weight all these liabilities would bear upon a Sanders candidacy. The quality of a candidate is not the only, or even the main, determinate of election outcomes, and having popular views is only one factor in the quality of a candidate. Still, political science has generally found that, all things being equal, the electorate tends to punish ideologically extreme candidates. You can peruse studies finding such a conclusion here, here, and here. Again, none of this says the more extreme candidate always loses, merely that extremism creates a handicap.

For obvious reasons, the Democratic Party’s left wing has always resisted this conclusion (as has the Republican Party’s right wing.) But Hillary Clinton’s surprising defeat created an opportunity for the party’s left to promote an alternative theory for how the party could and should compete. It deemed Donald Trump’s win a sign that capitalism had created such distress that voters were now rejecting conventional politicians altogether and open to radical alternatives who might promise to smash the failing system. Indeed, by this reasoning, Democrats would do better, not worse, by nominating more left-wing candidates, who could distance themselves more credibly from the discredited Establishment.

Yet this theory has had two clear tests, and failed both of them spectacularly...

This is so important: Many academics who studied that election don't believe we lost in 2016 because we didn't move far left enough. For a long time I thought this was possibly the case. Now I no longer believe that.

The revolt of the Rust Belt: place and politics in the age of anger



"I can hardly wait"

Almost perfect, but Bloomberg doesn't "hate" Trump.

That would be giving Trump exactly what he wants. Trump's fuel is hate. He loves having enemies, but Bloomberg is actually looking down on Trump from a higher level. They aren't equals and Trump will have trouble accepting this.

The story Bloomberg tells about not caring enough to even write down the new president's personal phone number is the key to understanding the Trump/Bloomberg dynamic. That's way more offensive to Trump than "hating" him.

(that story is here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/1287443033 )

When there are mice in the garage, you don't waste time and energy "hating" the mice. You buy traps. Bloomberg's approach is very cllinical and calculated, because he knows who Trump is. He's seen a million guys like this over his lifetime.

The hate is from Trump's side and will intensify over time. But it's really more than hate. It's like when you're 13 years old and your father gets incredibly angry at you. It's not really hate, it's visceral fear and self-doubt. Trump's guts are churning, his adrenaline pours out when he thinks of Bloomberg.

That's why I believe Michael Bloomberg is an existential threat to Donald Trump, regardless of whether or not he wins the nomination. (https://www.democraticunderground.com/1287420520)

WaPo: Bloomberg gets under Trump's skin as he ramps up spending on 2020 ads

Trump’s advisers have repeatedly encouraged the president to focus on other opponents instead. Campaign manager Brad Parscale and senior adviser Jared Kushner have warned against giving Bloomberg more attention and do not see him as the threat that Trump does, aides have said. There is no plan for the campaign to target him with advertisements at this point, advisers said.

Trump has repeatedly brought up Bloomberg — calling him “evil,” in the words of one close adviser — and said that he wants to destroy Trump with unrelenting money, even if the president does not believe Bloomberg can win, according to aides.

He has called Bloomberg’s ads “lies” that are unfair depictions of his record in the White House. Several advisers have said the president also references Bloomberg’s 2016 Democratic convention speech as a sore point and repeatedly asks advisers about his polling numbers, which have hovered below 10 percent in public surveys.


Bloomberg seems to have approached the endeavor as a no-risk proposition, given that he has decided that defeating someone he calls an “existential threat to our country” is one of his top priorities.

“My Plan B is a hell of a lot better than anybody else’s Plan A,” he has told advisers, according to one aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private conversations.

Either Bloomberg wins the nomination and the presidency or he remains the 12th-richest person in the world with a chance of taking credit for defeating Trump.

On the stump, Bloomberg seems to delight in needling Trump, calling him a “real estate promoter” and not a businessman. He will recount the phone call from Trump after the 2016 election, when the president-elect offered his cellphone number. Bloomberg says he didn’t bother to write it down.

Bloomberg also repeats an anecdote about Trump not knowing how to use a New York City subway card when they rode together many years ago. Trump has said this description is untrue, saying the gates were opened for them because they were traveling with a large entourage.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/bloomberg-gets-under-trumps-skin-as-he-ramps-up-spending-on-2020-ads/2020/01/23/f56f400a-3e17-11ea-8872-5df698785a4e_story.html

Bloomberg is getting inside Trump's head like President Obama has, only it will be far worse. The cumulative impact of Bloomberg's strategic attacks on Trump's deluded self-concept will be interesting to see. By virtue of his position in society, he's in a unique position to damage Trump in ways other candidates are not. It's deeply personal to Trump. Bloomberg is an existential threat to Donald Trump, even if he doesn't get the nomination. (Disclosure: I am not supporting Bloomberg for president).

Sonic Youth - Youth Against Fascism

A little background on this song:

'Youth Against Fascism' started out as a demo jam that Thurston Moore didn't like. According to producer Butch Vig, that's the real reason its refrain goes, "It's the song I hate / It's the song I hate"; it literally was a song that Moore wasn't enjoying very much. Vig persuaded Sonic Youth to stick with it however, and with a little lyrical embellishment the "song" that Moore hated became fascism. There's a lot to love about this track, from Kim Gordon's stomping two-chord bassline to the improvised guitar attack courtesy of guest star Ian MacKaye. But one of the things I really like about 'Youth Against Fascism' is the lyrical restraint shown by Moore in verse number three. As repulsed as the singer is by the attitudes of skinheads, racists, Christian liars, the KKK and other assorted political numpties, Moore refuses to award them the strongest, coarsest reactions they crave. The neo-nazi is a "sieg heiling squirt", an "impotent jerk" and a "fascist twerp". Compared to the term Moore uses to describe President Bush (a "war pig fuck" ), the insults he fires at the actual far right seem weirdly quaint. Yet his non-swearing slurs make his targets seem far less powerful, threatening and manly than they perceive themselves to be. A very good friend of mine insists that he would find it far more hurtful were you to call him a "prat" than a [expletive deleted - ed]. Fascists really are such monumental prats, aren't they?

Musicians & tQ Writers On Anti-Fascist Anthems


The way I look at this:

If I had some difficult-to-surmount (some say insurmountable) task, would I accept help from someone who has more resources to accomplish the task than I do by myself and isn't asking for anything in return? I'd accept the help.

Twitter responds

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