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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,399

Journal Archives

I don't think you're a kook at all.

It's tricky when two such powerful ideas co-exist in the mind at the same time.

It seems to me that there's a decisive letting go that has to occur at some point that's hard to achieve. It's like being stuck between two rooms, one foot in one room and one foot in the other, and committing to the room you're talking about is hard because it's hard to let go of all the excitement going on in the other room.

If that makes sense.

But I love and understand the truth of what you're saying. The irony is, because of what's unfolding before us, it's probably actually never been easier to let go in the history of our species. Yet there are still "all the interesting things."

Now, I actually think a person can do both things: Let go completely (of attachments) and yet be engaged completely in the reality right in front of us.

I'm beginning to worry that the screenplay is written by

Cormac McCarthy and that it ends like Blood Meridian, with an epilogue of somebody far in the future wandering through the dust of a lost civilization wondering what the hell happened here.

You could almost predict this based on how passively we've treated egregious

misconduct and how we've responded to the climate crisis. What I can't figure out is whether it's actual apathy and indifference (or god forbid nihilism?) or whether it's a type of paralysis that takes hold in nations with an overwhelmed, overworked, reality-challenged populace.

Why are Americans So Servile to a Clown President?

The power of music in cinema: Stanley Kubrick film openings

2001: A Space Odyssey

A Clockwork Orange

Barry Lyndon

The Shining

Here's a cut from Full Metal Jacket as well, not the opening

His work always takes my breath away, and his use of music is a big part of it.


So many of these "survival-of-the-fittest"/"let-nature-take-its-course" folks fall into this category. They think they're protected by their money (and in a sense they are, to a degree) and never have to expose themselves to the virus.

Imagine if a stage 4 lung cancer patient and overweight smoker like Rush Limbaugh caught this thing?

It wouldn't be pretty.

I'm beginning to think that from his point of view this

is "revenge" against an ungrateful nation that doesn't fully appreciate that he's as great as Lincoln.

I really do believe he's that sick, and that he knows he botched it, and that he's constructing a justification for why we deserve it.

Everything is so personal to him, in fact he seems to see the world only

in stark terms of his own ego needs: what feeds it versus anything that denies him the gratification of praise. A normal person would say something like, "I know not everyone agrees with me on (this or that)" or "I've received some criticism in the press, but..."

In an environment like that, it's no wonder even highly principled people (I can only think of two: Dr. Fauci and Chris Wray) become paralyzed in fear and afraid to express themselves, because Trump is hyper attuned to the slightest critique.

David Wallace-Wells, the author of The Uninhabitable Earth, made

an interesting comment two or three weeks ago on either CNN or MSNBC. He said what was happening during the widespread lockdown was proof that we could change almost everything about the way we live "on a dime" if we had to. He was really talking about global warming, not the coronavirus. I thought it was an interesting, if simplistic, comment, because in this case people are thinking about "a time" in the future when we can go back to doing what we always did. But in another sense he's right. Many of us are learning that we don't need half of the stuff we thought we did, and don't need to "do" many of the things we thought we needed to "do."

On a more materialistic point, it's interesting to watch the price of oil drop, and the consequences of that. There are so many possibilities here. It's already affected car sales. With oil this low, and demand so anemic, it's hard not to wonder what is keeping Russia from completely failing.

Not to overstate it, but Russia's interference in the world order is a big reason nations are competing instead of cooperating with each other, IMO. (And then there's Trump, but he'll be gone soon, hopefully.) But Russia is not the only reason. We are creatures that seem to like to belong to groups that come into conflict with each other, and that's a problem for a positive future vision. But maybe it can be overcome through trauma and having a singular goal and not much left to lose. (That sounds more negative than I intend.)

I've been reading books about Putin's Russia, and how not being able to tell the difference between truth and lies, fantasy from reality has left much of the Russian population too exhausted and demoralized to care, let alone fight. I'm a little worried that could happen here.

Your post is deep and deserves better reflections than those I've offered.

Was just listening to the doctors at NYU Langone Medical Center

(They have a radio station on SiriusXM)

This is one of three drugs they sound like they are getting a little bit excited about. Until recently, they have been negative on most of the ideas floating around out there, including remdesivir. The three were:

colchicine (an old gout medication, incidentally)

When I was a junior in high school at one point during the year our teacher said,

"Now, read whatever you want but you have to write a paper about it" so I read The World According to Garp, which I know for a fact the Alaska school board would not have approved. But the point is I could have read The Exorcist if I'd wanted to, or Naked Lunch. She just wanted us to fall in love with reading. I hope some schools still teach that way.
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