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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,394

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Instead of tackling Trump's criminal executive orders individually, he needs on his first day in office just to have one gigantic executive order that reverses every one of Trump's. That will speed things up and save a lot of time and grief.

It should just be called "The Shitstain Remover" or something like that.

Florida knew a COVID-19 pandemic was likely. State leaders didn't warn the public.

Miami Herald
MAY 20, 2020 04:39 PM , UPDATED 8 MINUTES AGO

Three months ago, Floridians were celebrating Valentine’s Day unaware that the novel coronavirus posed any real threat to their lives, or that it was likely already spreading through the state. No one had told them to be worried.

While the public was kept in the dark, top Florida health officials were scrambling to come up with a plan for a crisis they knew was upon them, according to internal Florida Department of Health data and communications obtained by the Miami Herald. The records show that on Feb. 13 DOH assembled an emergency response team. The team’s mission: “Contain the spread of the virus.” It also began preparing for N95 mask shortages and privately providing pandemic protocols to long-term care facilities, warning them about the risks the virus posed to elderly residents.

By mid-February, Raul Pino, the recently appointed director of the Department of Health’s office in Orange County, was growing concerned about COVID-19 overwhelming his resources. The department was stretched thin as it tried to comply with U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance to monitor people who may have been exposed to the virus.

“At this point we are following 67 individuals and we must establish contact within 24 hours,” Pino wrote in a Feb. 15 email to an official at the Florida Department of Health in Tallahassee. “We can manage as we are — and I am moving additional resources — but, if the volume continues to increase, we may face some resistance.”

Read more: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/health-care/article242844471.html

More stellar reporting from the great Miami Herald.

This is brilliant

It goes well beyond typical political advertising in that it strives to drive a wedge between Trump and confidantes he's already paranoid about. This is like Bloomberg's "we know the same people" tweet and his "running a golf course is the only job I'd hire Donald for" ad.

In other words, advertising predominantly targeting Trump's mind.

What they are doing does not initially appear to be rational

in the sense that it does not seem to serve their self interest. But I think they value the feeling of belonging to that more than most people understand. And it's true that they have poor prospects in every other avenue of life, so it becomes even more important to them to belong to this and have enemies to blame for their failures. So, in a sad way, it is rational. But IMO they'll be sorry they felt the need to do this because the consequences won't be in their favor in the long run, unless their ultimate objective is to destroy this country and themselves right along with it.

From Russia with Blood by Heidi Blake

Subtitled, The Kremlin's Ruthless Assassination Program and Vladimir Putin's Secret War on the West

It's absolutely riveting and shocking. It's the fifth book I've read about Putin's Russia and I'm leaning towards it being my favorite because it clearly explains some things the other books glossed over.

They thought they had found a safe haven in the green hills of England. They were wrong. One by one, the Russian oligarchs, dissidents, and gangsters who fled to Britain after Vladimir Putin came to power dropped dead in strange or suspicious circumstances. One by one, their British lawyers and fixers met similarly grisly ends. Yet, one by one, the British authorities shut down every investigation-and carried on courting the Kremlin.

The spies in the riverside headquarters of MI6 looked on with horror as the scope of the Kremlin's global killing campaign became all too clear. And, across the Atlantic, American intelligence officials watched with mounting alarm as the bodies piled up, concerned that the tide of death could spread to the United States. Those fears intensified when a one-time Kremlin henchman was found bludgeoned to death in a Washington, D.C. penthouse. But it wasn't until Putin's assassins unleashed a deadly chemical weapon on the streets of Britain, endangering hundreds of members of the public in a failed attempt to slay the double agent Sergei Skripal, that Western governments were finally forced to admit that the killing had spun out of control.


"making huge inroads with blacks and Latinos"

Wow, just off the top of my head...

First off, I agree with so many of yours:

90s only? (I think these are all 90s albums)

Siamese Dream
Hole - Live Through This
Nirvana - Nevermind
Nirvana - In Utero
U2 - Achtung Baby
Belly- Star
REM - Automatic for the People
The Breeders - Last Splash
Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie
Jesus and Mary Chain - Honey's Dead
Elvis Costello - Mighty Like a Rose
REM - Adventures in Hi Fi

"But my god, how could you forget Sonic Youth, Dirty?"
"Oh, yes! Add that to the list..."

But there's also Zooropa... This is so hard...

Actually, there are so many. That was a great decade.

Everything is backwards and upside down.

The last two books I've read have been about Russia since Putin took over. And what scares me are the similarities. We're moving in the direction of nothing making any sense.

A bar would be the last place I'd go

When people have a few drinks they start to feel warm and fuzzy and throw caution to the wind, feeling invincible, getting up in each other's faces, hugging, kissing, singing old songs, dancing... until that fifth or sixth drink when things turn ugly. Then they are shouting and spitting in each other's faces over stuff that happened twenty years ago.

Yeah, I don't understand this talking point some Dems have that we should

"turn the page" on this administration, move on and forget about holding people accountable. My fantasy is that the Biden administration hires so many forensic accountants that children deciding what to study in college think, "Wow, I want to be a forensic accountant because there are so many job opportunities in Washington!"
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