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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,394

Journal Archives

Prediction about Don Jr.'s future:

The Trumps buy a controlling interest in OAN Network and Don Jr. becomes an on-air personality.

He has no work ethic. He lacks the discipline to run for political office. Also, guys like Steve Schmidt will destroy him right out of the gates.

If/when Trump loses, there is going to be a war for control of the Republican party.

It's totally wrong.

There's a great account of this fiasco in A Very Stable Genius. Even John Kelly thought the idea of Jared having a TSC was ridiculous. He had too much debt and kept lying about his foreign contacts. He was too friendly with Saudi Arabia. Foreign deputies from a half dozen countries were caught on tape by our intelligence agencies laughing about how naive and manipulable Kushner is. He is easy to compromise, and IMO he's one of the two people in this administration most likely to go to prison (the other being William Barr).


They Live

Winslow has been promising stuff for a long time.

I kind of wish he'd get rolling. I was starting to worry we might get Avenatti'd.

He also promised to drop a bomb on Lindsey Graham (figuratively, of course).

Just one look at the renovated Rose Garden...

Tearing out Jackie Kennedy's trees. Don Jr.'s hunting expeditions. Ivanka's coffin patents. These people are trash.

I was told this is true by a woman at Walmart who was a Trumper

It's a long story, but we agreed to disagree but liked each other before we knew we had totally opposite opinions on politics, so we went back to talking about other things. It turned out she was the granddaughter of a farmer and grew up on a farm. She said that the male peppers make for better eating raw. Her grandfather taught her this. You could tell that this was the most important relationship in her life and that she misses him.

How can so many people be wrong?

She says the same thing that HR McMaster says.
That John Kelly says.
That Rex Tillerson says.
That Mattis says.
That Gary Cohn says.
That Bolton says.

They had to reduce his daily briefing from ten pages to one page to a half page to an index card with bullet points. And he still didn't read it.


Except about Nikki Haley being smart. After reading Bolton's book, which is full of insults about her intelligence (and some clues in A Very Stable Genius as well), I'm not as sure as I used to be about that.

But she's smart enough to refuse this "opportunity." Or somebody around her will tell her not to accept.

Nah. I'm going to cling tightly to the Progressive channel on SiriusXM

and DU, and listen and see people make fun of the RNC convention.

Tip for people with SiriusXM: You can listen to that shitshow on SXM without giving them the ratings, because SXM has no way of telling who is listening to what.

Why did they bother?

It isn't as if there are no "issues" to ask him about.

I'd ask him, "Do you and your dad bond over the fact that you're probably going to prison just like he did?"

"Jared, how in-debt are you? Has MbS offered to underwrite Deutsche Bank loans to you? What have you promised him in return?"

"Jared, what did you think of that fabulous Lincoln Project ad excoriating your wife?"

"Jared, how much advance knowledge did you have prior to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi? Did MbS tell you himself beforehand, or did you hear it directly from one of his top deputies?"

"Jared, didn't General John Kelly laugh in your face when you asked him to obtain for you a Top Secret security clearance?"

"Jared, isn't it pretty ridiculous that you have a Top Secret security clearance when you flunked the vetting process more than a dozen times? Aren't you a national security liability to our nation?"

"Jared, how about that plastic surgery? Are you attempting to alter your appearance before fleeing to Saudi Arabia?"

"Will you be taking Ivanka with you, or leaving her behind to fend for herself?"
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