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Mike 03

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He's also floating the idea of issuing Executive Orders regarding this.

John Yoo seems to have convinced the White House that anything is possible, the president has unlimited power if he crafts his Executive Orders in some particular way.

I don't know if it can succeed, but I don't doubt he'll try. Because who, or what, is going to stop him?

Edited to include Washington Post article:

Trump wants to be king. Did John Yoo just hand him the crown?

It's not right to say that IMO

It's been a long time since I've read it, but the subsequent books about RussiaGate take pains to remind readers that the vast majority of the Steele Dossier was corroborated. When people say it was "a lie" or untrue they are usually referring to the "pee tapes." It's true that the pee tapes were never corroborated, but nor have they ever been discredited. And it's easy to understand why.

Maybe other DUers will have another opinion, but that's how I view the Steele Dossier.

An important thing to keep in mind about the SD is that it never pretended to be "the truth." It was a collection of tips gathered over a period of months from sources Steele believed to be mostly credible, offered for what they were worth rather than as an assertion of fact.

Christopher Steele was no charlatan; he ran the Russia Desk at MI-6 and had a stellar reputation.

I like Acosta, but I'd have even more respect for him if he'd ask Trump

about the Russian bounties, or about John Yoo's increasing role in the drafting of Executive Orders, or maybe something we don't know the answer to.

And then Brianna Keilar wasted the rest of her program

replaying the clips of Trump talking about hydroxychloroquine over and over again and talking to doctors about debunking what Trump said, and then complaining about the fact she had to do it for the hundredth time, like CNN doesn't have free will and couldn't have cut out of the presser in the first place.

And they did not fact check any of the other lies he told, just the ones about hydroxychloroquine.

Did they actually expect Trump to say anything new? Anything newsworthy?

It's a good thing that they are doing this; they are not the only group war-gaming

such scenarios. I hope they are including lawyers in these sessions, especially (obviously) Constitutional lawyers, and also taking into account the reactions and actions of leaders of allied countries, because they can play a role as well by immediately recognizing Biden as the POTUS elect.

As these games deepen, maybe they can think about a possible reaction/role of Chief Justice Roberts and former living presidents. Thomas Friedman has been saying for years there could be a vital role for them in the event Trump spins out of control and we face a Constitutional Crisis. (I think we've been in a Constitutional Crisis for two years, but most would disagree.)

This is a very good idea, and it would resolve issues that concern both

people who want the live debates in person and those who want them virtual or remote.

Clearly the health risks to Biden are minimized or completely removed.

The crucial thing is to have an impartial debate monitor with both candidates, to make sure that Trump isn't cheating, using an earpiece, etc.., and that he is moved into an environment where he's not overly comfortable. And the cameras should be on at all times, and the candidates required to stand during the debates (but with breaks as appropriate, of course.)

Wow, this is a huge loss.

Alan Parker also directed Angel Heart (my personal favorite). Rock solid career, enormous successes both artistically and commercially, and very few duds in the mix. Stupendous body of work, fearless of controversy, and a risk-taker who was attracted to offbeat projects.

#1 Susan Rice

Her knowledge of foreign and domestic politics is both wide and deep.

She meets the criteria Biden set of wanting to pick a candidate who is qualified and experienced enough to be president "on day one"

Having observed her now for some time, she has an ability to speak on a tremendously wide range of issues extemporaneously at a moment's notice, making her someone we can trust to perform well in any debate or interview.

She's drop-dead brilliant and a great speaker. Because of her immense experience, she already knows what she thinks about the issues, which means she doesn't have to "rehearse" or learn talking points. She's sincere in her knowledge already, and prepared to share it eloquently.

Her knowledge of foreign and international relations is what I think we need to patch up our reputation around the world, to crack down on our opponents and to make amends with our alienated allies.

Her strong ethics and moral compass. Her sense of righteous indignation rings true.

#2 Kamala Harris

In polling I've seen she is the overwhelming favorite, which is always good for buttressing enthusiasm in November.

#3 Whoever Joe picks. I don't have a strong #3 in mind.

Whoever he picks, I'll get behind!

This is another instance where stories circulated for years, but for some reason reporters

either avoided or were unable to develop enough on-the-record sources to go to press.

Like Weinstein.
Like Bryan Singer.
Like Cosby, and John Landis' son, and Les Moonves, and Brett Ratner and so many others.

These people have very powerful lawyers who will do almost anything to make these stories "go away."

Haberman still doesn't understand something very elemental.

What she writes is true of Trump. He doesn't even allow himself to contemplate the possibility that he's the cause of harming others. But that's not true for people like Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller, and the others. They totally understand what they are doing.

Jared Kushner was even quoted months ago saying: "I don't care about any of that."

“I told Jared that if Trump won a second term, he wouldn’t have to worry about running again and you can really help people. Jared just looked at me and said, ‘I don’t care about any of that,’ ” the executive told the outlet.


It's important to get the pathology right. Trump is surrounded by advisors who completely understand they are killing Americans, and they intend to do so.

Haberman is still giving the White House an exit ramp they don't deserve. It's like that ridiculous (mostly discredited) argument about Auschwitz, that killing the Jewish people was so compartmentalized that the people involved weren't actually aware they were participating in The Holocaust.

They have blinders on and can't see

Give me a break.
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