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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 15,952

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Bite mark evidence has been dubious in many trials.

Animal activity can mimic bite marks, as can marks made by things like belts, ligatures and tools. The West Memphis Three case is the most infamous example of bad bite mark evidence, but disputed bite marks have occurred in other trials as well. Forensic odontology is far from worthless--bite mark evidence helped to put Ted Bundy away. It seems it has also been used to falsely convict, and then exonerate people:

One of the most notable exonerations involving bite mark evidence is the Ray Krone case. In 1992, Krone was wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to death. There was no physical evidence linking Krone to the crime except for a unique bite mark found on the victimís body. At trial, a bite mark expert testified that Kroneís teeth matched the bite mark on the victim. Upon further investigation, several experts told Kroneís attorneys that the trial testimony was unreliable and the analysis was done incorrectly. Eventually, DNA evidence proved Kroneís innocence and he was released from prison in 2002.


That Spencer endorsement is suspicious as hell and it made me very uncomfortable.

Something about the way he presented it just seemed off. Then yesterday a DUer posted a link to a story about white supremacist militias planning violence on November 4. These people scare the crap out of me. I can't tell if these are just incels in a basement blowing smoke or whether they present a lethal threat.

Then there's what happened in Kenosha.

Former GOP operative Stuart Stevens on Michelangelo Signorile's program (short transcript)

From yesterday's program. Stevens is the author of the new book It Was All a Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump. He is discussing his epiphany that the Republican party is easily mutable and not a party of strongly-held values, ideals and sincere beliefs.

I went through a period where I said, This isn't really the Republican party, but I don't really know how you sustain that when (Trump) is head of the Republican party and he's wildly popular in the Republican party, and it's a true statement that the Republican party is the party that endorses Roy Moore and attacks John Bolton.


What I really had to come to grips with is, How do you abandon deeply held beliefs in three or four years? And the only conclusion that I could come to is that the majority didn't believe this. Because I don't really think that you abandon beliefs. I just think it means that you didn't deeply hold them. And now, with Trump, it's not that we've sort of forgotten these things; we're actively against these things. We're the Character Doesn't Count party. We're the pro-Putin party. We're the anti-Free Trade party. We're the anti-personal responsibility party. And I just don't think we've seen anything like it in our modern politics: a total moral and issue collapse, a policy collapse, of a party like this.

And look, I finished this book about a year ago, and it's a pretty bleak portrait of the Republican party, but I would have to conclude today that I was overly optimistic. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the Republican Party platform would be to support Donald Trump on whatever he believes, and that's what they've done.

Trump is a gangster, and the party has gone along with this and has become a party that is in the service of a gangster mentality. And I think the period that we are entering now is the most dangerous period in American Democracy since the Civil War. Trump will do anything to hold onto power. Anything. And I'm the most anti-Conspiracy theory person in the world. But he's tested the Republican party to see if they would stand up to him and I think the conclusion he's come to is that he can pretty much do anything if he can give them power. And I think it's going to be a very, very tumultuous and dangerous period between now and when hopefully Trump loses.

It's a dark interview. I feel there is a bit of self-delusion on his part when he romanticizes the Republican party of the 90s, but I welcome his passionate criticism of Trumpism and repudiation of what the party has become.

Remember when Gore debated Quayle and Stockdale?

A good comeback for ridiculing someone for taking credit for someone else's accomplishment:

Gore: (I can't recall exactly, but it was something like this: ) Your administration taking credit for the fall of the Soviet Union is like a rooster taking credit for the sunrise.

I always loved that one.

You could fill it in like this: Trump taking credit for the Obama economy is like a rooster taking credit for the sunrise.

Steven Hassan writes in his book "The Cult of Trump" that one of the best

ways to get cult members to have "insight" about their delusions and entrapment is to ask them questions, ask them to explain who they are and what they believe.

I'm not suggesting this caller had a flash of insight, but it is interesting to wonder why he couldn't get the words out.

Because it is so ridiculous?

"...a moat filled with snakes and alligators..."

It is not known whether Mr. Trump knew of the microwave suggestion, but the discussion in the fall of 2018 underscored how Mr. Trumpís obsession with shutting down immigration has driven policy considerations, including his suggestions of installing flesh-piercing spikes on the border wall, building a moat filled with snakes and alligators and shooting migrants in the legs.

No words.

Fucking Facebook again:

The event was promoted on Facebook by the Kenosha Guard and used memes which promoted and encouraged violence against ďBLMĒ and ďAntifa.Ē

I hope this is an exaggeration:

It isnít just this group, either. If you do a quick search on Twitter, Facebook, and even Google you can find dozens of right-wing extremists promising a civil war or a race war on 11/4, no matter who wins on 11/3.

Thank you.

Some folks here apparently think it's a sign of weakness if you take a break from this abominable shitfest. Maybe they think skipping it makes you "uninformed."

Talk Show Host Michelangelo Signorile handles a Trumper (from yesterday)

If you've never heard Michelangelo Signorile's show, he has a very soothing, thoughtful, quiet voice, so it's unusual to hear him explode, like he does in this call. This is just an example of one way to handle a Trumper. Signorile's program is on the SiriusXM Progressive channel, 3PM - 6PM EST.


Michelangelo Signorile : Matt is in Kansas City. Hi Matt, whatís going on? (long pause) Hi, Matt.

Matt: Yeah, hi there, how are you doing?

MS: Okay, whatís happening?

Matt: You know, I was just listening to your show and itís crazy to hear somebody that, you know, is saying so much honest truth. Whatís coming out of your mouth, is that really what you believe? Because I think itís just beautiful, you know what Iím saying? Itís hard to hear that here in the Mid-west.

MS: You mean youíre not hearing that kind of criticism of this administration, of Donald Trump, of the Republican National Convention?

Matt: Here in the mid-west all I get is honesty, honesty, honesty, and itís such a relief to hear complete bullshit lies come out of your mouth. Itís like a breath of fresh air. Because youíre a piece of shit.

MS: Ah! Is that what it is Matt? Youíre a piece of shit who doesnít have the balls to call up and say, ďI disagree with him and I want to talk about disagreeing with him.Ē Why are you so small, Matt? And now youíre going to hang up, right?

Matt: Iím not going to hang up.

MS: Why do you lie, Matt, to get on the show? Why do you pull that kind of thing? Why do you engage in deception to get on the show? I have no problem taking on assholes like you, alright? I have no fucking problem taking you apart. So bring it the fuck on, Matt!

Matt: Hey, dipshit!

MS: (Inaudible due to loud distortion as MS shouts into microphone) ..Dipshit! Bring it on, Matt. Whatís your case, whatís your case?

Matt: What do you want?

MS: What is your case for Donald Trump?

Matt: Okay, I donít think thereís anything good in any of this stuff. Thatís my case. All youíre doing is spreading more dissention between a country that needs to be united, not divided.

MS: Youíre not making sense, Matt. You donít think thereís any sense in any of this, but, you donít like Donald Trump, is that it?

Matt: Iím saying propagandaÖ

MS: Do you like Donald Trump, Matt?

Matt: Propaganda.

MS: Do you like Donald Trump, Matt?! Yes or no?

Matt: I donít like Trump, I donít like anybody.

MS: You know, Matt, what you are is a complete waste of time. And youíre a waste of my time. Because this country is completely and utterly under collapse. Our democracy is in danger of withering, and youíre sitting around in your mid-west piece of shit house that Iím sure youíre in and saying, ďI donít really care about anything.Ē Right? ďI donít give a shit about anything.Ē Because you have White Privilege, Matt. Because you can sit around and say you donít care. And then what do you do? You call up radio shows lying, lying, and making believeó Why did you call this show as if you were calling to say you agreed with me?

Matt: (Laughing) Because itísÖ

MS: Why did you do that, Matt, why? Because you are a liar and a deceiver like your Savior-in-Chief Donald Trump, and donít tell me you donít support Donald Trump. Because there is nobody who doesnít either hate or love Donald Trump. And we know exactly what youíre up to. And youíre a piece of shit liar and we have your number, 913-370Ö Iím not going to say the rest of it. You will never call this fucking show again. Now get off the show you piece of shit.

This is what happens when there is no central creative authority, no director.

The Trumps are directing this craptacular. A director would have thrown up his hands and said, "We can't run this piece of shit. She's coked to the gills. You'll be laughingstocks. We'll never live this down."
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