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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,616

Journal Archives

I'm grateful for every single one of these books.

Now, we're getting to the pulp. Dr. Lance Dodes always said that Trump's personality was fixed at an extremely young age. Yes, this is territory already covered by Dr. Bandy Lee and the other authors of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump and a handful of other books, but considering the source this book will be more than simply validation of what is obvious to 70% of Americans.

Two, if they haven't already been mentioned:

1. Wilbur Ross is one of the biggest grifters in U.S. history, who according to a special report by Forbes magazine used his office time to meet with investment advisors about his portfolio.

2. One of the WORST: After an unmonitored phone conversation with Erdogan, Trump pulled our US troops out of Syria, condemning our allies the Kurds to slaughter at the hand of Turkish forces. After we pulled out, our abandoned bases were confiscated by Russian troops, who made videos of them exploring our bases and playing with the abandoned equipment of our troops.

I haven't seen anyone "blindly advocate" for Susan Rice

I've seen thoughtful, analytical posts pointing out her astonishing qualifications, her brilliance, her experience, and her ability to speak on nearly any topic at a moments notice, as well as her speaking abilities which are so advanced that were she to be the VP nominee, the V.P. debates would be something to anticipate with great joy.

One doesn't have to "blindly advocate" for someone with so many obvious qualifications and qualities.

I find that a very odd comment.

I'll bet Putin doesn't want her to be VP, for sure.

I know Trump lovers don't want her anywhere near this ticket.

Title Sequence: Francis Ford Coppola's One From the Heart (1982)

This entire sequence is shot using a combination of miniature models and a set built on a soundstage. Even the last shot in the title sequence, which appears to be filmed on an iconic intersection in Las Vegas. is in a studio. In some still photographs from One From the Heart you can actually see the ceiling of the sound stage.

Nearly the entire movie was shot on sound stages, including a climactic scene at the Las Vegas airport. Coppola here introduced a new method of filmmaking he claimed would substantially cut the cost of filmmaking; however, the budget for this film dramatically ballooned from $15 to $26 million, endangering Zoetrope Studios.

Coppola directed most of the film from inside a mobile trailer, rarely engaging his actors or crew face-to-face, but speaking to them through loudspeakers, so the entire cast and crew could hear even the most intimate directions to the actors.

The film was a commercial and critical failure, but remains a fascinating (and expensive) experiment.

Yes. Chris Steele would be an important voice right now.

According to Heidi Blake in her book From Russia With Blood he was head of the MI-6 Russia Desk, with a spotless reputation and a deep knowledge of Russian malfeasance. He has never defended himself, perhaps because he eschews the limelight. But I'd love to hear what he has to say.

The Dossier was 90% corroborated. The right wing always points to the pee tapes as an example of the Steele Dossier being wrong. In fact, the pee tapes were not corroborated, but neither were they disproved.

How I fantasize about something like the Nuremberg trials for the Trump administration

where innocence and guilt are swiftly and fairly established*, and punishment meted out without delay so we could move on and feel justice had been served.

*Except in the case of Albert Speer, who got off too lightly

We need to act "as if" this is true

It's like members of the Lincoln Project said on Thursday: so long as Trump is in office we can't for one second let down our guard. Some people work harder if they believe they're behind; others work harder if they believe they're ahead. Believe what you need to believe in order to continue to function at the highest level possible in an atmosphere of constant stress and anxiety. Either way, just work hard and vote.

Stay on the Republicans. Make them as stressed-out as we are.

"creating social media videos that feature throngs of his adoring fans"

Does anyone remember the Martin Scorsese movie King of Comedy, where Robert DeNiro portrays a failed comedian named Rupert Pupkin, who in his mother's basement surrounds himself with lifelike cardboard figures of real celebrities, and pretends he is a beloved, adored guest on popular talk shows, and fills in the sound of people laughing at his jokes and applauding him?

Trump is Rupert Pupkin.

Biden should take this test live on Youtube, so people can see how

simple this test is. It would make a great ad, in fact.

You draw the face of a clock to a particular time, like "quarter to eleven."
You have to be able to differentiate between animal shapes, like tell the difference between a giraffe and a rhinoceros.
You have to recall and repeat a few words or numbers: "Refrigerator. Bed. Radio. Swimming pool."

Biden would laugh his way through it in a minute or two, and the entire world could see what Trump is bragging about 'acing.'

That was a wonderful Town Hall yesterday.

They also said that in their attacks on enablers they would not be limited by poor chances/odds and polls, that they would be guided by what's right and wrong, which I interpreted as them saying they would go after people like Mitch McConnell, who will be hard to remove.

That was an hour and a half worth watching.

It was really inspiring. I feel less anxious in general, knowing the Lincoln Project is out there, understanding more about them, how committed they are and how big their operation is. They said we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg when we see their ads, and that they are just getting warmed up.

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