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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,616

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All I can tell you is that people with law enforcement experience on Twitter

who have analyzed the abduction videos are saying these people are fit, well equipped and extremely well trained. They are so casual about what the are doing, like they've done this for years, hundreds and hundreds of times. They have no fear and they do not hesitate. They are not Proud Boys or some weekend militia. My former yard maintenance guy is a volunteer police officer in my city: he weighs three hundred pounds and is five foot six.

I'm going with their opinions that these people are the SWAT equivalent of US Marshals and Border Patrol (or something related to these). But I also think we should look at Erik Prince's operation.


Sucks. Last night Dr. Sanjay Gupta said he was happy the briefings were coming back, after complaining about how utterly worthless they were for months. Don't people get it by now? Do they think Trump is magically going to change and suddenly become helpful and informative?

He can't change. The new virus briefings will be exactly like the old virus briefings, only angrier.

This seems to be the new motto for people in positions of authority, and we should just sew it along

the bottom of the U.S. flag:

We accept no responsibility

A quote from Mary Trump's book

"She knows what she's here for." - Robert Trump (re: Melania)

Here's a bit of information

Mike Bloomberg plots spending blitz to support Joe Biden’s run for president

Also, his ad and data analytics firm HAWKFISH is now working for both the DNC and a PAC called American Bridge.

I really, really miss his ads, which were as tough as the Lincoln Project ads, but he's probably going to be working in the background from now on.

I think we'll see more as we get into the last legs of the race.

Michael, if you want to sell books, tell us about the money

Tell us about the loan write-offs
Tell us about the fake trust funds
How was money funneled to the Trump Campaign by foreign interlopers during the runup to the election?
Tell us about the shell companies
Tell us about the fake real estate valuations
Who paid cash for lavish Trump properties without providing their identifying information?
Tell us about the payoffs to the Enquirer
Tell us the truth about "Katie Johnson" (Jane Doe #3)
Tell us why Alfa Bank was constantly pinging the Trump Organization websites and shell companies leading up to the election
Tell us about Deutsche Bank

Jared Kushner and Hope Hicks can't get it through his thick skull:

Some of Mr. Trump’s closest advisers are adamant that the best way forward is to downplay the dangers of the disease. Mark Meadows, the chief of staff, has been particularly forceful in his view that the White House should avoid drawing attention to the virus, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Mr. Meadows has for the most part opposed any briefings about the virus, while other Trump advisers, including Hope Hicks and Jared Kushner, have been open to holding briefings so long as they are not at the White House — where Mr. Trump could show up and commandeer them. Mr. Pence’s team would like to hold more briefings with the health experts, but some of Mr. Trump’s communications aides do not want the vice president to be part of them.


The four things he doesn't want to talk about:

1. Coronavirus pandemic
2. The economic collapse
3. Russian bounties
4. Secret police abducting protesters

and a bonus issue:

5. Mary Trump and her mesmerizing book, which has the capacity to do more damage than the dozen most popular Trump Failure books that came before it. (i.e., really what we're talking about here is his mental incapacity to be president)

He'll throw stuff all over his crib trying to take our eyes off these things. He'll smear yoghurt on his face and make a poo-poo on the Resolute Desk to distract us.

Here's some additionally really exciting news:

DNC hires Bloomberg-tied tech firm Hawkfish for 2020 election

The Democratic National Committee has hired the digital and technology firm Hawkfish, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation, bringing the Michael Bloomberg-founded company on board for the final four months of the 2020 campaign.

The DNC’s decision will be controversial among some progressives, who bristled at the idea of Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor and multi-billionaire, gaining influence within the party. Earlier this month, Joe Biden’s campaign opted against hiring the firm, though the DNC and Biden campaign are working hand-in-hand during the general election.

The nature of the Hawkfish’s contract with the DNC, and what work they’ll specifically do for the committee, was not entirely clear. One source with knowledge of the agreement said it was for a “small data contract.”

Pro-Biden super PAC American Bridge hires Mike Bloomberg’s digital firm Hawkfish

Hawkfish, a tech firm founded by billionaire former presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, has signed on with a pro-Joe Biden super PAC after missing out on working directly with the presumptive Democratic nominee’s campaign.

The super PAC, American Bridge, recently signed a contract with the Bloomberg firm, officials told CNBC.

The PAC has spent millions of dollars on ads on TV and online in support of the former vice president’s bid for the White House. The organization is also well known for its often-unmatched opposition research arm.

Thank you for posting.

That talking point that Dems can't do ads is out of date.

Some people have such short memories. I remember the ooohs and aahhhs every time #TeamBloomberg put a new ad up obliterating Trump. Devastating and often humorous ads that went viral in minutes. People could hardly contain their excitement.

And who could forget Joe Biden's "The world is laughing at Trump" ad?
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