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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 15,903

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There's a huge fucking scandal here, I just KNOW it.

Somebody in this administration is getting rich off this pandemic at our expense.

We can't forget this. We need to follow up on this.

Contact your senators and demand answers to these questions!

“Please provide an explanation for why the COVID-19 diagnostic test approved by the World Health Organization was not used.”

We also sought information on potential conflicts of interest — including whether the CDC’s test was developed in house, or the work of a contractor. We asked for a list of all contractors who had a financial interest in providing the agency with reagents and other components of the test.

That's right. That's a positive development if it pans out.

But there's still the matter of the high fatality rate in Italy.


It's even higher than the WHO's predictive 3.4 FR.

I'm wondering if there are different strains in circulation.

Maybe he's trying to get transferred.

I didn't think he'd last long at Rikers. Expect a suspicious "suicide attempt" any day now, or a self-inflicted injury he blames on a gang member.

The virus survives longer on plastic than paper so I don't

see this as being a very good suggestion.

Surface Hours
Plastered wall 36
Formica (laminate material on counter tops) 36
Plastic 72
Stainless steel 72
Glass 96


Experts I've heard on Doctor Radio and other places say it probably can live on paper for hours to two or (at the extreme) three days.

Paper is extremely porous where as plastic is less permeable. That's one reason it's easier for detectives to get fingerprints off plastic longer after a crime and harder to get them off of paper (not impossible by any means, but a crapshoot.)


I'm not an expert but I hope they pay particular attention to the last four weeks, when the Bernie campaign seemed to spiral into the sewer, and what role if any figures like Nina Turner, Shaun King and Cenk played in the last-minute polarization of opinion (i.e., the implosion we are seeing in Michigan). Bloomberg's ad called attention to how some Bernie supporters were behaving, and it became a mainstream talking point.

Bernie's story of Joe is that he's "establishment" but I've been saying for months he's actually a classic American underdog because of how Trump has been beating up on him and Hunter and because of how he's fighting to restore America's dignity against a huge Trump machine. America loves an underdog. It's a Rocky movie. Of course, we need to wait until November to see how it ends.

Thank you for reminding folks of this.

Also, here's an interesting Tweet from yesterday afternoon.


Oh, is that who I heard quoting screenwriter William Goldman?

Suddenly a lot of people who want Bernie to prevail are quoting screenwriter William Goldman, who famously wrote "Nobody knows anything." He was talking about a studio executive's inability to assess whether or not a treatment (idea) or screenplay would make a hit movie, a masterpiece or a bomb. That is true (or mostly true) in Hollywood, but it ain't true in presidential politics or many other areas of knowledge.

Ignorant people, or even people of reasonable intelligence who disagree with the prevailing opinions of experts, for some reason, absolutely love that particular William Goldman quote. Anti-vaxxers and climate change deniers probably love that quote too.

Razzle dazzle them and they'll never catch wise.

I have some thoughts.

A Biden/Kamala Harris ticket (or Susan Rice), with Bloomberg and his audio/visual crew working on a parallel track, so Trump is getting hit from so many different directions at once he doesn't even know where to respond.
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