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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 15,880

Journal Archives

The Kushners, too.

At least, according to Snopes, the veracity of this claim is "mixture"

Does Jared Kushner’s Brother Own a Company Involved in COVID-19 Testing?
Oscar, a digital health-insurance startup that recently set up a service for users to find COVID-19 testing centers, was co-founded by Joshua Kushner.

What's True
Jared Kushner’s brother, Joshua, is co-founder of the health insurance start-up Oscar, which recently released an online tool to locate COVID-19 testing centers in some areas. At least in the past, Jared Kushner has had a financial interest in Oscar.

What's False
Oscar is not involved in the actual process of COVID-19 testing or in the manufacturing of such a test. Oscar created a website — open to the public — that screens users to see if they qualify for a test and then provides a list of testing sites nearby.


This morning I very gently tried to give someone a pep speech.

Even though she never liked leaving the house to begin with, now that she has to stay home she's upset. I understand where she's coming from. She's having to eat canned food. She's watching a lot of TV. She's thirty years older than me, but I just reminded her about the sacrifices made by the WWII generation. She's borrowed many books from me about WWII and the Holocaust. I was trying to put things in perspective.

Our country was in the international news yesterday because we have people in this country calling police emergency numbers when they run out of toilet paper. There are pictures of Americans in Asian, European and Middle Eastern newspapers with shopping carts overflowing with toilet paper. I just think we need to dig down and remember who we are.

Yes, yes...

From the NYT:

Scientists tracking the spread of the coronavirus reported on Monday that, for every confirmed case, there are most likely another five to 10 people in the community with undetected infections. These often-milder cases are, on average, about half as infectious as confirmed ones, but are responsible for nearly 80 percent of new cases, according to the report, which was based on data from China.


Just an idea

Here are two scanner channels for LA County EMS dispatch (North and South Division).

Maybe there will be some calls related to the virus (shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, "might have COVID", etc.), or some side chatter that might provide insight on the situation. For example, they might have discussions about diverting patients from overfilled facilities, etc.

North Division: https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/18435
South Division: https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/18556

No guarantees. It's just a thought.

What Dr. Fauci said last night on the CNN town hall

I've been concerned about this too.

He said we shouldn't worry too much about the mail or packages because the virus doesn't live that long on paper and "by the time it gets to you it's" probably not an issue. He said, even if there is some virus on the package it is likely to be so degraded (I can't remember the exact phrase he used) that it's no longer communicable.

He did mention that it might be wise to wipe down objects inside the box but he didn't make it sound like a priority.

I'm leaving "non urgent" mail and packages to sit for a couple of days (I'll carefully open the packages, remove wrappings and set the items out and wash my hands). I'll probably wipe down anything made of plastic (I order a lot of nutritional supplements that come in plastic bottles) but not worry about things wrapped in paper boxes. I'll cut the mail open on the side instead of just ripping it open with my fingers.

But there's something he didn't address, which is if your postal delivery person is infected, because then the source and time is much closer to when it's delivered. We've already had cases (or one case) of a USPS worker being infected.


And finally for those who say that this is just something that happens to old people, starting yesterday the hospitals are reporting that younger and younger patients – 40, 45, 18, are coming in for treatment.

I think we're not being told the whole truth. Two of our first cases here in AZ were a male in his twenties and a woman in her forties. The man recovered; the woman was hospitalized and the last we heard she was "stable."

Two things I'm taking

in addition to D, Lysine and Epicor are Quercetin and Liposomal Glutathione.


Quercetin as an Antiviral Agent Inhibits Influenza A Virus (IAV) Entry

Antiviral effect of flavonoids on human viruses.

Quercetin: A Promising Treatment for the Common Cold

Quercetin ameliorates lipopolysaccharide-caused inflammatory damage via down-regulation of miR-221 in WI-38 cells

Quercetin attenuates airway inflammation and mucus production induced by cigarette smoke in rats.


Also: Liposomal Glutathione (this is more of a crapshoot based on some papers I read online. Actually, they are both "crapshoots" but I'm going to try it anyway).

Could Liposomal Glutathione And Liposomal Altrient Vitamin C Be The Magic Bullets For Protection Against Pneumonia?

Oxidative stress and regulation of glutathione in lung inflammation.

Evidence for antiviral activity of glutathione: in vitro inhibition of herpes simplex virus type 1 replication.

Inhibition of influenza infection by glutathione.


This changes everything.

"Several hours."

That's even worse than the study from the South China Morning Post saying it might live for up to 30 minutes in the air.

That's even going to make going anywhere where there are other people hazardous, no matter how much you wash your hands, unless you can hold your breath long enough to do grocery shopping.

Am I overstating the situation? Somebody calm me down.

This is like one of those Roland Emmerich disaster movies where

you think it can't possibly get any worse and it does get a hundred times worse and it's only ten minutes into the movie.

Read this and try not to have a stroke

In Nov. 2017, a state banquet was held in Trump’s honor during a visit to China, where more than two dozen business titans were in attendance. One of the attendees was Gianluca Pettiti, President for Thermo Fisher Scientific China. The point of the dinner, according to sources, was for the White House to “home in” on companies that could announce “done deals” that would have the effect of chipping away at the U.S. trade deficit with China. But, considering the presence of Thermo Fisher Scientific and Trump’s previous (and possibly ongoing) personal financial relationship with the company, the guest list looks highly suspect.

Virologists in Berlin produced the first diagnostic test for the Coronavirus a month and a half before the first COVID-19 case not linked to travel was diagnosed in the United States. The World Health Organization (WHO) began shipping coronavirus testing supplies to nearly 60 countries by February, but Trump didn’t want those kits.

The United States declined to use the WHO test, even temporarily as a bridge until the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could produce its own test and the Trump administration has given no explanation as to why.
Trump’s possible interest in the company that the U.S. will be using to provide the tests and the fact that if he might still own stock in Thermo Fisher Scientific and world stand to profit from the government contract, could be a major reason why no other tests were accepted.


FreeState (above) provided this link.
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