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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 16,616

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Histrionic Personality Disorder

A person with this disorder might also:

Be uncomfortable unless they are the center of attention

Dress provocatively and/or exhibit inappropriately seductive or flirtatious behavior

Shift emotions rapidly

Act very dramatically, as though performing before an audience, with exaggerated emotions and expressions, yet appears to lack sincerity

Be overly concerned with physical appearance

Constantly seek reassurance or approval

Be gullible and easily influenced by others

Be excessively sensitive to criticism or disapproval

Have a low tolerance for frustration and be easily bored by routine, often beginning projects without finishing them or skipping from one event to another

Not think before acting

Make rash decisions

Be self-centered and rarely show concern for others

Have difficulty maintaining relationships, often seeming fake or shallow in their dealings with others

Threaten or attempt suicide to get attention



There is something going on with her. The mother of a child killed during a

mass shooting who met with her began to say something about Taylor-Greene divulging something that happened to her in her childhood but cut herself off because she was uncomfortable revealing too much about the conversation. Of course, that could have been some kind of cheap excuse or justification by Taylor-Greene, but maybe there is something to it.

And that video of her stroking Trump's crotch is so bizarre.

I do wish some of the psychiatrists who have studied Trump would weigh on on both Taylor-Greene and Hawley. I am guessing Hawley and Trump would have the same diagnosis with Taylor-Greene being something different. She does display some hallmark features of Histrionic Personality Disorder. And this new video with the cardboard Trump only adds to my suspicions. But she has unrelated symptoms as well. Better if I leave this to the professionals.

This was my first Lou Reed song

I was accompanying a friend and we were scouting locations for a documentary about homelessness he was making. He was driving and he took us to some dangerous places in downtown Los Angeles at the foolish hours between around 11PM and 1AM. It was a little scary. We almost got into a scrape with some gang types. I guess he was feeling brave that night. On the drive over he put this tape into his player and said, "You have to hear this song." I don't remember if he even played any more of the album. Just this song, maybe more than once. Looking back, I can see how well it fit.

In any event, the next day I had to learn more about this musician and go find this album.

I think so. It took me a long time, and reading some books, to accept this.

It's the path of least resistance, and also the fact that: from their point of view, there is nothing to be gained by doing the ethical thing, and so much to lose by doing the courageous thing.

Politics in the United States has teetered into being a zero-sum game.

It is a sad state of affairs, but it is almost a relief to finally understand it, so I can just move on and deal with the hand we've been dealt.

Depressing. Imagine being a parent and trying to do everything right, give your

infant an edge by doing some of the creative things recommended by scientists and psychologists, and having your efforts sabotaged by something so basic as contaminants in the food (or the air that they breathe, the lead in the water, etc.).

Not to get too far off on an tangent, but when we look around our country and see a large number of Americans falling for such ridiculous lies, believing absurd things, impervious to fact, unable or unwilling to read books and newspapers, it's hard not to wonder if there are things besides the Autocrat Playbook at work here. Trump: "I love the poorly-educated." He was really saying, "I want stupid people because they are so easy to fool." Why are there so many of them?

Fancy Tower for Billionaires Revealed to Be Horrifying Hellhole

The Cut
Feb 3 2021
By Amanda Arnold

Since 432 Park Avenue was erected in Manhattan half a decade ago, members of the ultrawealthy have shelled out millions of dollars — in one case, as much as $88 million — to get their own luxury condos in one of the tallest buildings on “Billionaire’s Row.” But what was once believed to be a literal pinnacle of high living has turned out to be the most wretched of hellholes: The $3.1 billion building is falling apart, largely due to its unreasonable height and design flaws. And its billionaire residents — who are butting heads not only with developers but with one another — are dismayed.

This rich source of Schadenfreude comes to us from the New York Times, which spoke with the building’s engineers and residents and obtained various documents giving us a glimpse into their 1,400-foot-tall stomping grounds. In short, it’s pretty bleak in there. Among the building’s biggest issues is its plumbing, which has caused frequent flooding and extensive water damage. In November 2018, 432 Park suffered major back-to-back leaks — one of which propelled water into elevator shafts, shutting them down for weeks. The plumbing issues even prompted one potential resident to back out of a $46.25 million deal after the building experienced a “catastrophic water flood.”

And then there are the elevators themselves. Residents say they suffer frequent malfunctions; in one particularly horrifying incident in October 2019, “a high-wind condition” caused one person to be “entrapped” in an elevator for nearly an hour and a half, per a management email. Apparently, in a building this tall, wind-related elevator issues are not uncommon; neither is unsettling noise, of which residents also complain. According to notes from an owners’ meeting, eerie creaking and groaning noises often resonate in the apartments, and somewhere in the building exists a garbage chute “that sounds like a bomb” when trash is thrown into it.

What’s more, residents are now required to spend $15,000 in annual fees for the building’s private restaurant, which is run by a Michelin-starred chef, though when 432 Park opened, they were told this cost would be merely $1,200. And get this: Breakfast is no longer on the house.

The mood in the building could be described as tense...

Read more at link: https://www.thecut.com/2021/02/432-park-nyc-building-for-the-ultrarich-is-falling-apart.html

And not just aging dams. There are many issues of concern with China's

Three Gorges Dam, and both China and likely India have even bigger projects on the books that look positively insane:

China’s plans for gigantic Brahmaputra dam strains relations with India further

Powerchina’s announcement it will build a mega dam could spur a dam-building race with India, with disastrous consequences for the ecology of the region


I don't have a source handy, but it's been claimed that Three Gorges Dam is so heavy and vast that it has slightly perturbed the rotation of the earth. It's humungus, relatively new, and already shows preliminary signs of architectural strain in satellite photos.

This is a conversation we should have. This, as best as I can tell, is the

unspoken thesis of Ezra Klein's controversial book Why are we Polarized? I just made a post about this in another thread and even making that post, I felt then and feel now tremendous ambivalence.

But decades of political science studies and more recent developments in Game Theory, and the example of the Republicans, show us what we need to do to play the long game better and use anger to motivate more effective and dependable voting.

I haven't been prepared to go there before, but everything is at stake now, and I'm deeply considering this question.

I'll leave it at that.

It's worth thinking about. Ezra Klein has been arguing that if we were

more motivated by our dislike for the GOP than our affection for our policies, we would transform from being a political party to an identitarian party (like the Republicans are), meaning we would vote like hell in bigger numbers, we would vote in every election like our lives depend on it, because "winning" would be more important to us, almost like fans of a football team need compulsively to win every week. He's talking about our primitive wiring here, and what decades of studies and also Game Theory can teach us about adjusting our party a little bit to be more effective.

Democrats (on-the-street, average Dems) would be as obsessed with politics as even average Republicans are.

The dark side of this is, obviously, that we become a party whose energy is derived from opposing something, instead of our trademark reputation for being the party of hope and regeneration. But I don't think it's wise to dismiss this theory out of hand, because we only need to look at the Republican party to see how well it can work. We would play the long game better.

The Republicans are sure making it easy for us to coalesce around the idea that the GOP is the anti-Democracy party, which makes our job so much easier in terms of deciding what we are for and what we are against.

One of the panelists on MSNBC just literally said what you wrote: Marjorie Taylor Greene is the face of the new Republican Party.

Even if she's gone, we can probably still make this stick with people like Gatez, Jordan, Cruz, Hawley.

But Taylor-Greene is most certainly a lightning rod, almost a caricature of what we have noticed all along about the GOP under Trump.

So I wouldn't dismiss your point at all. Even if she goes, your essential point is important IMO.

Elastica - "Connection" and "Line Up"

Elastica were a British rock band formed in London in 1992. The band were influenced by punk rock, post-punk and new wave music.[1] They are best known for their 1995 album Elastica, which produced singles that charted in the United Kingdom and the United States, including their highest-charting US Hot 100 hit "Connection".


"Connection" Live at the Reading Festival (2000)

"Connection" Studio version

"Line Up" Live

"Line Up" Studio version

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