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Profile Information

Name: Bob
Gender: Male
Hometown: Atlanta
Home country: United States
Member since: Sat Oct 25, 2008, 05:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,546

Journal Archives

Looks like a lot of provocation going on


A Thinly Veiled Metaphor About America

Remember that last time we dealt with fascists?

Does anyone else just not like Chris Hayes?

I mean, before and after last week's debacle, he always sounds so breathless and hyperbolic. Very little information, lots of inappropriate emotions. Just in my opinion, YMMV.

PRESIDENT Biden's Easter Message!

This week marks some of the most sacred days of the year for many people of faith – from Passover to Holy Week.

Symbols of spring and renewal and rebirth.

Beliefs which may be harder to believe than ever this year – but never more important.

These days I think a lot about the words written by the philosopher Kierkegaard: “Faith sees best in the dark.”

And Lord knows these are dark days in this nation and across the world. I know how true those words have been in my own life.

Faith is what helped me get through the loss of my wife and daughter in a car accident 47 years ago.

Faith is what helped me get through the loss of my son Beau to cancer in 2015.

And for many, faith will help us get through the crisis that grips this nation today. I’m not saying this to proselytize – each of us in America is free to find our own way, whether that’s a particular religious faith or no faith at all.

I just know how I have gotten through the darkest days in my life.

And I have absolute confidence that this nation will get through the dark days we’re living through today.

For those who have lost loved ones, I know how hard it is – and I know no one can tell you how you feel. But from my own experience, I can tell you this – the loved one you’ve lost will always have a place in your heart.

And while it may be hard to believe right now – there will come a day when their memory will bring a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes. My hope is that day will come sooner than later. But if there’s one thing I know – it will come.

What I believe for those who have lost a loved one, I believe for this nation: We will smile again. We will laugh again. We will know better days.

This virus is tough. But this nation is tougher.

The story of America is the story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We are seeing this all around us. Courage. Strength. Selflessness. Resilience.

In these days of reflection, let’s remember to care for one another, to look out for one another, to love one another – and to pray for one another.

Thank you for reading. Happy Easter to those celebrating. And to all – a restful Sunday.

Joe Biden

Biden campaign really *is* calling

This afternoon, I received a call from a volunteer with Biden's campaign, and all he wanted to know is how we were doing, if we needed any help or support, and that they were there if we needed them. We talked for several minutes - almost none of it about campaign stuff (other than how crappy iq45 is doing). He did mention, more or less in passing about the town hall, and at no time was there even a hint of fundraising or requests for money or anything else! Simply to check up on supporters. Color me impressed

Some perspectives on COVID-19

China is now reporting their first case in mid-November, so it likely traveled beyond their borders far earlier than January. It's probably much more widespread than believed already, and likely many more people have had it already than anyone will ever be aware of.

While we assume it started in China, it's only because their very controlled system spotted it as novel first, but there's been no confirmation of it there in the animal populations they've been able to study, yet. It could've started elsewhere and spread there for them to spot.

Remember, most people get mild cases of it and it is transmitted easily, even without visible symptoms. Indeed, you may have already had it and not known it, thinking it was something else.

The good news in all that - it's likely statistically less deadly than originally believed and many more people are probably already immune to it than we are know of.

People rightly compare it to the 1918 pandemic, but we have many tools available to us that were not available in 1918, including the ability to talk about it and plan over the internet, to spread information, and get food and supplies delivered to our doors. We also have the ability to create a vaccine, and trials on it are starting now, even if it will take many months to get it deployed. It is very contagious and is very much more dangerous than a typical flu, especially for those at risk. But, this is not the plague, or polio, nor measles or smallpox, all of which decimated large populations around the world.

We all need to stay in to prevent overwhelming the medical system, but in the end, the vast majority of us will be just fine. So stay home, enjoy a calmer life as our ancestors once did, without racing off to work. Read a book, watch some movies, spend quality time with your families. Consider it a world-wide spring cleaning. An opportunity to reflect on what our world has come to, and perhaps even a opportunity to make a new start to working together to solve the world's many issues.

And save some toilet paper for the rest of us!

We need President Biden NOW

This is what a President sounds like.

Sad to watch my friends sink to such depths of despair ...

I have many friends who are Sanders supporters, and I won't argue or even engage with them on the topic, because some (not all) are so wrapped up in the personality cult aspects of the "Revolution". Many seem to have completely lost their bearings, and are spewing out GOP talking points and videos and links to Russian articles, etc. and just generally sounding like the Trumpanzees they claim to despise. It's so sad. I can't say anything to them, as that won't accomplish anything but being attacked or being disowned.

They can't seem to understand the difference between allies with different ways of approaching the problem and mortal enemies. They act like no one has ever lost an election before. I didn't act like that when Liz dropped out, and I haven't seen other friends and acquaintances who supported Buttegieg and Klobuchar or Warren act like that.

They really can't see that one of the biggest problems facing Sanders' attempts are based on Sanders' and their own actions. They don't get that they are the ones driving everyone away from their rigid positions. For many, especially Warren supporters, it's not the policies, nor the messages, but the messenger that we oppose. As a long time leader of teams and organizations large and small, I could go on at some length about how Sanders approach to leadership can never work, and how his selection of people around him demonstrates poor judgement, and how most people don't want a "revolution", we want progress and healing. But they don't listen, no matter how carefully phrased.

It will take a team of hard-working, dedicated and intelligent people from all walks of life to solve these issues, and alienating everyone, right to the edge (and sometimes over) of sexist, age-ist and racist remarks, by people who I know are not normally like that, won't accomplish that. The one-person-knows-all approach is failing us right before our eyes in DC, and they seem bent on replacing that with their form, regardless of the wishes of the majority of the people in the party and in the country. "Democracy? Vote? We don't need that, you all are too stupid to know what's good for you!" No matter how they phrase it, that's what they are saying, and it's infuriating. But I bite my tongue and wait for the results of the elections.

I'll be so glad when this primary is over.

GOP voting booth tactics

This from someone in rural rural northern California:

"4th election in a row our polling workers, all old, MAGA demographics folks, tried screwing with our ballots. Putting our standard ballots into the provisional ballot box, trying to say my wife and son weren't registered, etc.

Yesterday, they gave my wife a Republican ballot, we're registered Democrats and Ca has closed primaries. She didn't notice, except that Trump was on her ballot and her choice wasn't. So she wrote them in. She mentioned it when we got to the car. We already had our sample ballots filled out and she said the ballot wasn't the same. I realized what happened and we went back and fixed it."

They will cheat at every opportunity
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