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This is what I think Cohen should say every time a Repuke accuses the Democrats of wasting time with this hearing.


This just in: Joe Scarborough is an idiot!

So, Morning Mika's Husband took some of his own "executive time" to pen a Washington Post op-ed claiming that Michael Bennet, Colorado's "soft-spoken, white son of the establishment" could be the answer to the Democratic party's prayers. (https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/michael-bennet-could-be-the-answer-to-the-question-every-democrat-is-asking/2019/02/11/4e90832a-2e2d-11e9-86ab-5d02109aeb01_story.html?utm_term=.acd760d6f119)

Leave it to proud ex-Republican to try to sell us on a conservative white, straight, middle-aged corporatist as the "savior" of the party he loves to preach to but would never join. Michael Bennet gave one good speech (and I'll give it to him--it was a good speech) on the senate floor, and all of a sudden he's supposed to eclipse the likes of Kamala Harris and Sherrod Brown as the one senator who can beat the Idiot Cheetoh because he's...what...so much like him?

Michael Bennet, just like Trump, knows what it's like to have everything handed to him. He only won his senate seat because he got to run as an incumbent, having been appointed by then-Governor Bill Ritter to fill a vacancy. And Ritter only plucked Bennet from the Superintendent of Denver Public Schools job (a position he was appointed to despite having ZERO school administration experience) because he (Ritter) had some personal grudge against the wildly popular Andrew Romanoff, former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives. And despite Romanoff having clobbered Bennet at the state convention, Bennet ended up winning the primary because President Obama, in a move for which I will never forgive him, endorsed Bennet. (Why on earth Obama put his thumb on the scales in a Democratic Primary, I will NEVER understand.)

As Colorado's senator, Michael Bennet has distinguished himself by...well...not distinguishing himself. Until his famous "Ted Cruz is a big meanie" speech, very few people could have named the state he represents. He serves on three rather quiet committees, and his votes tend to be non-controversial, as are the bills he sponsors. In short, he just doesn't seem to want to make news. Now, that might be Scarborough's idea of presidential material, but I personally want a leader who...leads.

I truly don't intend to knock Bennet. As our senator he has been fine. Just fine. (Personally I'm hoping Andrew Romanoff, who just announced a run for Cory Gardner's seat, will make it to the Senate after all. Romanoff is my idea of a real Democrat.) I just think it's kind of rich that Joe fucking Scarborough thinks he knows what the Democratic party "needs." After all, when Joe served in the People's House--as a Republican--he sponsored a bill to withdraw from the United Nations, voted to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and worked to try to impeach Bill Clinton. And I won't even go into his own little intern scandal. Google it.

Joe seems to think that since Bennet isn't a lefty-liberal, that he can "save" the Democratic party. Well, I think that the 2018 elections proved that the party, and indeed the country, is ready for some loud, proud lefty-ness. And frankly, if we want to beat Cheetoh, the last person we should nominate is a milk-toast, "soft-spoken" centrist. If Joe thinks that's what this country needs, let him convince his own former party to nominate Michael Bennet.

Kamala Harris - Excellent interview

I love her more every time I hear her talk.

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