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Member since: Tue Oct 21, 2008, 10:30 PM
Number of posts: 3,045

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I've been calling my congresspeople.

I've called all of the Dem Congresspeople in my state (Colorado) to thank them for this vote, and to tell them how proud I am of them for pushing this impeachment forward.

I also called Cory Gardner's office and respectfully asked that he keep an open mind and not put party over country when Trump is tried in the Senate.

(Incidentally, ALL of the Dem Congresspeople had someone answering the phone. At Gardner's office I got a machine. Probably just a coincidence.)

Thank you, Colonel Vindman!

Like Bill Taylor, Fiona Hill, and several others, and UNlike a lot of elected Republicans, you are a true patriot.

Thank you for your service, both abroad, and in the Whitehouse.


I made a thing. Not sure it's any good, but it helped my sanity.

Make America Genocidal Again

Other presidents have blundered foreign policy before (Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, invading Iraq, etc.), but THIS blunder will result in the wholesale massacre of an entire ethnicity.

And all he had to do to keep this from happening was...nothing. If he had just stayed on the toilet, tweeting stupid shit, and not had that phone call with Erdogan, he could have saved thousands of lives. But he did it. On purpose. Alone. Against ALL advice.

My heart hurts.

Tapper calls out hypocrisy of Giuliana, Pompeo, and Graham

Do Nothing Donald #DoNothingDonald

Unless you want to count getting thousands of Kurds massacred, releasing ISIS fighters into the world, and making sure no country ever trusts the US again, ever.

On-the-ground reporting from Northern Syria

MAGA - "Make America Genocidal Again"

This thing with the Kurds and Turkey--and their genocidal dictator--makes my heart hurt.

The Orange Menace didn't see the massacre coming like a freight train, and now he's scrambling to try to stop it by sucking up to Erdogan even more.

Trump: Hey, you promised not to do a genocide!
Erdogan: Eh.
Trump: How about I throw you a big state dinner, then will you stop?
Erdogan: But I don't trust you. Maybe announce it to the world first.
Trump: K.

Next day...

Trump: Hey, you said if I announced your big party you wouldn't massacre people.
Erdogan: Eh.
Trump: How about some airplanes? Then will will you stop?
Erdogan: But how can I trust you? You break your promises. How about you ship the planes here first.
Trump: K.

The Art of the Genocidal Deal.

He is SUCH a coward!

So let me get this straight.

Trump pulls our troops out of the Kurds' homeland, allowing them to be slaughtered by a brutal dictator. Trump's pals have a serious sad in the news, stopping short of actually DOING ANYTHING about it, and so Trump assures them that if Erdogan attacks the Kurds, he (Trump) will be vewy vewy angwy. And then he announces that he invited said brutal dictator TO THE FUCKING WHITEHOUSE!

I am beyond pissed!

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