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Member since: Tue Oct 21, 2008, 10:30 PM
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It's the STUPIDITY, Stupid!

I know there are a lot of adjectives we can use to describe the Tangerine in Chief (arrogant, narcissistic, contemptible, vengeful, criminal, treasonous etc.)

But the main reason he should not be our president is that he is STUPID! Just plain STUPID! Stupidity pervades everything he does or touches. His stupidity is what is going to get us into a war...with FRANCE! Stupidity is the reason it's so painful to listen to him. And his stupidity compels him to install the dumbest possible candidates at all of our agencies, and at all levels of his administration. His absolute ignorance could destroy this country and possibly even this planet.

He's a fucking moron who should never have been allowed to take office in the first place. We have got to get him out of there!

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