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Boulder County law enforcement leaders stand by immigrants, tell their stories

Source: Boulder Daily Camera

Longmont Public Safety Chief Mike Butler stood side-by-side with Hugo Juarez, a local undocumented immigrant, and told the story of Juarez's frustration at being labeled a criminal despite his many accomplishments.

After the reading, Butler declared that Juarez is not a criminal.

"Having a police officer saying it to me and reading my story, that's powerful," Juarez said. "It opens up doors. It's OK to talk to police. It's OK to report crimes."

The stories of six undocumented immigrants were told through performances by local law enforcement leaders Sunday at a sold out Motus Theater show at the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder. A recording of the performance is available on the Motus Theater's Facebook page.


Read more: http://www.dailycamera.com/boulder-county-news/ci_30957132/boulder-county-law-enforcement-leaders-stand-by-immigrants

This is very cool.

What the hell are we waiting for???

This orange-faced, tiny-handed pussy-grabber is going to nuke North Korea if we don't get him the fuck out of office! He is infusing the entire world with hatred and resentment toward America and its citizens, and he is quite busy enriching himself and his close "friends" using the power of the office he neither won fairly, nor deserves, nor even understands.

And finally, he is taking all of his cues from murderous, kleptocratic dictator Vladimir Putin, and defunding or underfunding important areas of government while shoveling money into the already bursting coffers of defense contractors, Wall Street bankers, and CEO's of massive corporations that happily deprive this country of its natural resources and the health and welfare of its citizens.

So, what the hell are we waiting for?!

Why haven't we--at the very least--impeached this bloviating ignoramus!? And yes, I know that impeachment is not enough.

What is needed is a whole-sale removal of his administration, and a methodical undoing of everything he has "accomplished" in the short, stolen, national nightmare of his tenure as president.

It will be necessary to adjust our way of thinking, to think outside the box that is our Constitution. We are in crisis! Constitutional crisis! And so, we must find the solution not within our laws nor even our customs, but within our own ethics and morality. (And unfortunately, at least in my case, shoving his golf clubs directly up his ass doesn't exactly constitute ethical behavior.)

But what are we waiting for!? We have the proof of his treasonous collaboration with Russia! We have the proof of his constant self-dealing at the expense of American taxpayers! And we have almost daily evidence of his scary, sometimes deadly, incompetence in foreign affairs, as well as his narcissistic "the buck stops with somebody else--anybody else" attitude in virtually everything!

THIS HAS TO STOP! We must stop pretending that this is simply the new normal.

Every American of good conscience MUST ACT to prevent further damage to our nation and to the world. "Act how?" you ask. I wish I could tell you. I wish I could direct people in this effort, and for all of my exhortations you might think that I would jump at the opportunity to do just that. But unlike the Narcissist-in-Chief I am well aware of my capabilities and my failings.

But what I can and will do is continue to urge, encourage, and even plead with my friends and neighbors and anyone reading this, to recognize your own power, your own talents, your own positions, and use them to help free us from our corrupt, fraudulent, and criminal government.

And we have to act BEFORE he nukes North Korea, which I am convinced he will do, and he will sleep well that night. I won't.

After watching Rachel Maddow interview Adam Schiff...

It's so refreshing to hear two people speak so eloquently and with such grave understanding of the circumstances of their actions and of the actions of this administration.

And they actually use multisyllabic words correctly, and stuff!

It makes it that much more painful to listen to President Fourth-Grade-Vocabulary.
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